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Romans 4:13-25

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Children's sermon



Emphasis Preaching Journal

Glynn Wolfe passed away in... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 2000
Glynn Wolfe passed away in 1997 at the age of 88.
In this passage from Romans... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
In this passage from Romans, we are told how Abraham did not lose faith in the promises of God.
Mandy was seven years old... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
Mandy was seven years old and she was full of questions.
Nancy Fowler says that on... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
Nancy Fowler says that on October 13, 1990, the Virgin Mary appeared at the Fowlers' small farm in C
My dad spent his career... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
My dad spent his career as a railroad employee. First, he was a brakeman on a train.
It is true that those... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1997
It is true that those who are the risk takers by acting on faith and little certainty have often loo
Don`t be afraid. I... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1997
"Don`t be afraid. I`ll catch you.
Every morning there was a... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1997
Every morning there was a group of women who attended the 6 a.m. mass at a certain church.
John, Miriam, and their two... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
John, Miriam, and their two sons had been driving north most of the morning, hoping they got home be
A young girl asked her... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
A young girl asked her father, "Why do we say grace before every meal?" To this her father replied,
Someone had said that faith... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
Someone had said that "faith is not jumping to conclusions; it is the conclusion to jump." Pascal ca
God can be trusted and... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
God can be trusted and we must take him at his word. Abraham is our model in this.
Here are some quotes from... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1994
Here are some quotes from Arthur C. Clarke's book, Profiles of the Future.
A chicken and a pig... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
A chicken and a pig see a group of starving children.
Growing up during the Depression... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
Growing up during the Depression on the prairies meant very few, if any, luxuries.
Once Queen Victoria hosted a... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
Once Queen Victoria hosted a state dinner for a visiting African king.
Job description for Christians living... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
Job description for Christians living under the law: "You have to be perfect.

The Immediate Word

Take Up Whose Cross? -- Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16, Romans 4:13-25, Mark 8:31-38 -- George L. Murphy -- Second Sunday in Lent - B
Dear Fellow Preachers,
Vacation Or Vocation? -- Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26, Romans 4:13-25, Genesis 12:1-9, Psalm 33:1-12 -- George L. Murphy
It's the time of year when thousands of grads have to think about what to do next.





New & Featured This Week

The Immediate Word

Bethany Peerbolte
Mary Austin
Dean Feldmeyer
Christopher Keating
Ron Love
George Reed
Thomas Willadsen
Raising one’s hand to ask a question may be the most courageous thing a person can do. When someone asks a question in my classes I take note, because they are the students I want to cultivate into leaders. Asking a question is risky. To raise a hand, one must admit they do not know something and risk others interpreting that as a short coming. Opening oneself up to rejection is counter intuitive to many leaders. Many feel a leader should be strong, flawless, always ready with the answers and a plan B. Hebrews and Mark tells of a different kind of leader.


C. David Mckirachan

A Good Answer
by C. David McKirachan
Mark 10:35-45

There’s an old saying, “Watch what you pray for, you might get it.” A cautionary tale.

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Bill Thomas
Ron Love
Mark Ellingsen
Bonnie Bates
Bob Ove
Frank Ramirez
Job 38:1-7, 34-41
David Coffin
It is a dark, damp, raining Wednesday night in a certain pastor’s church study. Gathered with the pastor are four men in their late fifties. They have their Bibles open. Their eyelids are barely cracked open. A couple of the men were wise enough to stop by a gas station to get a cup of black coffee to stay awake. This is the latest effort in this small town congregation that worships less than ninety people.


Arley K. Fadness
“...whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant.” (v. 43b)

Good morning young folks,

What a blessing to see you this morning. I hope you are well and eager to hear a message from the Bible today. I love sharing and I know you love listening.

Today we will learn about how to be great. Yep, that’s what I said -- how to be great!

Have you ever been in a contest and you came out first? (children respond)

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
One thing which perhaps separates humans from other animals, is our sense of justice. According to the documentaries I see on television, other animals seem to be driven by basic needs such as hunger, survival and sex. Their lives are centred around satisfying those needs, and even though some animals display considerable domestic organisation and affection for others of the species, they're still driven by their basic primitive urges.

We could also say that humans are driven by similar urges, but our lives are very


James Evans
Stan Purdum
Carlos Wilton
Psalm 104 begins and ends with a unique call to praise. Instead of calling on others to praise the Lord, the psalmist instructs himself: "Bless the Lord, O my soul." This psalm and Psalm 103 are the only places in the Bible where this particular expression occurs. What are we to make of this unusual phrase?

Special Occasion