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Romans 4:13-25

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Children's sermon



Emphasis Preaching Journal

Glynn Wolfe passed away in... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 2000
Glynn Wolfe passed away in 1997 at the age of 88.
In this passage from Romans... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
In this passage from Romans, we are told how Abraham did not lose faith in the promises of God.
Mandy was seven years old... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
Mandy was seven years old and she was full of questions.
Nancy Fowler says that on... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
Nancy Fowler says that on October 13, 1990, the Virgin Mary appeared at the Fowlers' small farm in C
My dad spent his career... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1999
My dad spent his career as a railroad employee. First, he was a brakeman on a train.
It is true that those... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1997
It is true that those who are the risk takers by acting on faith and little certainty have often loo
Don`t be afraid. I... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1997
"Don`t be afraid. I`ll catch you.
Every morning there was a... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1997
Every morning there was a group of women who attended the 6 a.m. mass at a certain church.
John, Miriam, and their two... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
John, Miriam, and their two sons had been driving north most of the morning, hoping they got home be
A young girl asked her... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
A young girl asked her father, "Why do we say grace before every meal?" To this her father replied,
Someone had said that faith... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
Someone had said that "faith is not jumping to conclusions; it is the conclusion to jump." Pascal ca
God can be trusted and... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 1996
God can be trusted and we must take him at his word. Abraham is our model in this.
Here are some quotes from... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 1994
Here are some quotes from Arthur C. Clarke's book, Profiles of the Future.
A chicken and a pig... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
A chicken and a pig see a group of starving children.
Growing up during the Depression... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
Growing up during the Depression on the prairies meant very few, if any, luxuries.
Once Queen Victoria hosted a... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
Once Queen Victoria hosted a state dinner for a visiting African king.
Job description for Christians living... -- Romans 4:13-25 -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A
Job description for Christians living under the law: "You have to be perfect.

The Immediate Word

Take Up Whose Cross? -- Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16, Romans 4:13-25, Mark 8:31-38 -- George L. Murphy -- Second Sunday in Lent - B
Dear Fellow Preachers,
Vacation Or Vocation? -- Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26, Romans 4:13-25, Genesis 12:1-9, Psalm 33:1-12 -- George L. Murphy
It's the time of year when thousands of grads have to think about what to do next.





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The Immediate Word

Thomas Willadsen
Christopher Keating
Dean Feldmeyer
Mary Austin
Ron Love
George Reed
Bethany Peerbolte
Note: This installment is still being edited and added to. For purposes of immediacy we are posting this for your use now with the understanding that any errors or omissions will be corrected between now and Tuesday afternoon.

For December 16, 2018:

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Bill Thomas
Bob Ove
Mark Ellingsen
Bonnie Bates
Frank Ramirez
Ron Love
Zephaniah 3:14-20
Wow, how can things get any better. God has not only taken our punishment, he has turned back our enemy. What more can we ask. We shouldn’t have to fear anything. God says this to Jerusalem. Can this apply to America also?

Isn’t it love that takes away our worry? When we were little kids we didn’t worry about anything as long as our parents were near us. God is bigger and more powerful.

David Kalas
My wife, who thrives on organization, has a motto: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” It’s an expression of her passion for keeping a room, a house, or a garage orderly. But I think the principle extends still further. It goes beyond just physical spaces. For what is true of cupboards and closets is even more profoundly true of a human life.


David O. Bales
“A Rainy Road To The Jordan” by David O. Bales
“A Freshman Experience” by David O. Bales

A Rainy Road To The Jordan
by David O. Bales
Luke 3:7-18


Arley K. Fadness
“...but one who is more powerful than I is coming..” (V. 16a)

Good morning girls, good morning boys!

My, it’s so fun to see you today.  Happy Advent! Know why I (say, sing, shout, chant) Happy Advent? (children may respond)

Advent means “a coming.” Something or somebody is coming. Just around the corner. Know what it is? (children respond)

Yep. It’s Christmas, and John the Baptist is here to help. (show sketch)

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
I've had many reports of the Remembrance Sunday service held at Dickleburgh (in Norfolk, England) this year, mostly about the preacher. Since Dickleburgh has a historic connection with the Americans from the time of Second World War, they always invite the American Air Base at Mildenhall in Suffolk to join them for the service, and always invite the current American air force chaplain to preach.


Robert S. Crilley
On the Sunday afternoon following Thanksgiving, when I was in seventh grade, it began to snow. It started slowly and undramatically -- much like any number of other snows I had experienced growing up in Detroit. The sky turned the shade of dirty wool and the flakes danced through the wind as in one of those glass balls that you invert. Little by little the sidewalks whitened, and soon the neighborhood was alive with the rasping sound of shovels. Before long the roads were filled and you could no longer see the curb.

Special Occasion