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  • The Immediate Word

    Katy Stenta
    Mary Austin
    Christopher Keating
    Dean Feldmeyer
    George Reed
    Tom Willadsen
    For July 14, 2024:
  • CSSPlus

    John Jamison
    Object: A pointing finger. You might find one of those large, foam, finger-pointing hands you see at sporting events. For more fun, you might create a hand for each child by (downloading and) printing the included image, pasting it on cardboard or posterboard, and cutting around...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Mark Ellingsen
    Frank Ramirez
    Bill Thomas
    Bonnie Bates
    2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19
    David danced before the Lord! What joy! To bring the law to the people, the covenant was a great joy for David — indeed for all the people. I wonder if other people were encouraged to dance and to celebrate? I was recently at an anniversary worship service and the celebration began with a liturgical dance. It filled my heart with joy to see the dancer...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Mark Ellingsen
    The lessons all make clear that everything is in God’s hands.

    2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19
    The First Lesson is embedded in a book whose origin as a distinct text derives from the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, which divided the story of Israel’s monarchy into four sections (1 and 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Kings). This book is probably the result of two...
  • StoryShare

    Peter Andrew Smith
    “Is everything alright?” Gran asked Lily. “That’s the second time you’ve checked your phone since you came to visit me.”

    Lily felt her face grow warm. “Well, I was kind of hoping for a message from Brad.”

    “Brad?” Gran raised an eyebrow, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard about him.”

    “Well, he is in my class at school and he kind of said that he might message me today...
  • The Village Shepherd

    Janice B. Scott
    Andrew was hanging about on the age of the group, as usual. He hadn't many friends at this new school, even though he was already in his second term. The boys were playing their favourite game of "truth or dare", but nobody had invited Andrew to join in.

    Nobody ever bothered much with the "truth" part of the game, they all preferred to concentrate on the "dares". And...
  • SermonStudio

    James Evans
    Psalm 24 celebrates the orderly reign of God over creation. It presupposes a world that has not been disrupted by tragedy or displacement -- in other words, the world as it was before the exile of Israel in 587 B.C.

    From the vision of an ordered universe, the psalmist takes us to the holy mountain for worship. He poses the question, "Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who...
  • SermonStudio

    Maurice A. Fetty
    In the musical, West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein's modern paraphrase of Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, the two lovers, confidently sing that there will be "a time for us," a time when their day for true love will arrive, a time when all the pieces will fit together, a time when the fulfillment they dream of will be realized, a time when human life will make sense, a time when...
  • SermonStudio

    Linda R. Forsberg
    "To worship is to quicken the conscience by the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to purge the imagination by the beauty of God, to open the heart to the love of God, to devote the will to the purpose of God" (William Temple). "To worship is to change. To stand before the Holy One of eternity is to change. If worship does not change us, we have not truly worshipped." So...
  • SermonStudio

    George W. Hoyer
    The whole of today's gospel seems to be about John the Baptist. His death sentence was issued by Herod. His head was taken by a soldier of the guard. It was presented to Herodias on a platter and finally reached her mother who gloated over her revenge on the Baptizer.

    Not to take anything else from John, still, the lesson today might be said to be not so much about John as it is about...
  • SermonStudio

    Alan Bacon Bond
    I have held in my hand the only known existing acheological evidence in the world, that crucifixion was actually practiced, as the Bible and other literature asserts.

    At the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, Joe Zias, a nephew to one of our group and custodian of the Dead Sea Scrolls, handed to us a hand-wrought iron spike about six inches long and with the tip bent over at right angles...

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