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  • The Immediate Word

    Christopher Keating
    Dean Feldmeyer
    George Reed
    Ron Love
    Mary Austin
    In this week’s lectionary gospel text, Jesus tells a parable that on the surface seems like a first-century investment seminar. Two slaves wisely invest the wealth they have been tasked with overseeing, and are commended for their efforts in producing more talents. The third, however, is gripped by fear -- and worried about losing the principal, guards its safety by burying it in the ground. But his approach is harshly judged by his master, who notes that at the very least he should have put it in the bank.
  • CSSPlus

    Arley K. Fadness
    “well done, good and trustworthy slave...” (v. 23b)

    Good morning boys and girls,

    Thanks for joining me today.  I love it when you come with happy eager faces to listen to God's word.

    Did you know that God created you beautiful? God did. God created you and me beautiful in God's image. And one thing that being created in God's image means is that God placed one or more precious jewels inside of you. We call them gifts and talents.

  • StoryShare

    Keith Hewitt
    Frank Ramirez
    "A Certain Lack of Strategy" by Keith Hewitt
    "My Quaking Heart" by Frank Ramirez

    A Certain Lack of Strategy
    by Keith Hewitt
    Matthew 25:14-30

  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Bonnie Bates
    Frank Ramirez
    Ron Love
    Mark Ellingsen
    Bill Thomas
    Bob Ove
    Judges 4:1-7
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Mark Ellingsen
    As we come to the end of the Pentecost season with Thanksgiving on the horizon, it is appropriate that this Sunday focuses on the theme of our response to God’s goodness.

    Judges 4:1-7
  • The Village Shepherd

    Janice B. Scott
    Jack had a huge plastic bag full of conkers. He spent the whole of one evening with a skewer boring a hole in the conkers and threading each one on a piece of string. When he went to school next day he spent every spare minute in the playground playing conkers with his friends. He lost quite a few to start with, but he soon became very proficient, and watched with delight as his opponents' conkers gradually smashed and disappeared.
  • SermonStudio

    Dallas A. Brauninger
    First Lesson: Judges 4:1-7
    Theme: Judge

    Call To Worship

    Like Deborah, the Israelite judge, we are called upon to reflect, to discuss, and to make decisions that lead to action. We have heard that we should not judge lest we be judged. However, there is a time for judgment when we are asked and after we have deliberated. Come, let us worship God.


    So that we might move closer to becoming at one with you, O Just God, without spilling a drop of blood, guide our deliberations and our decision making, that we might increase fairness and justness in an unfair and unjust world. In the name of Christ. Amen.

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