Trinity Sunday

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  • The Immediate Word

    Quantisha Mason-Doll
    Thomas Willadsen
    Dean Feldmeyer
    Katy Stenta
    Mary Austin
    Elena Delhagen
    Christopher Keating
    George Reed
    For May 26, 2024:
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    David Kalas
    In preaching about a certain passage once, I freely made reference to the Trinity. A church member, who rather prided himself on being contrarian, said to me afterward, “You know that the Trinity did not exist until the fourth century.”

    I hoped that no one else in the greeting line overheard him, for his remark might easily have been misunderstood. He was referring, of course, to...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Mark Ellingsen
    Frank Ramirez
    Bill Thomas
    Isaiah 6:1-8
    I came across this story and thought it fit this passage very well. A young lady who was trying to explain her going to a questionable place of amusement told her friend that she thought a Christian could go anywhere. Her friend answered, “She can, but I am reminded of a little incident which happened last summer when I went with a party of friends to explore a...
  • StoryShare

    John E. Sumwalt
    Indeed, God did not send the son into the world to condemn the world but in order that the world might be saved through him. (v. 17)

    Who or what determines who goes to heaven and who goes the other direction?

    C.S. Lewis, in his book, The Great Divorce, suggests that it is really up to us.

    He describes hell as a city populated with people...
  • CSSPlus

    John Jamison
    Object: An empty trash bag. I use a large, black plastic bag that everyone can easily see. You will also want three photographs to use. I used 8x11-sized copies of photos of three unknown people.

    * * *

    Hello, everyone! (Let them respond.) Are you ready for our story today? (Let them respond.) Excellent! But before I tell you our story, I...
  • The Village Shepherd

    Janice B. Scott
    In this story, Mary Louise's dolls come to life on Mid-Summer's Eve, because Mary Louise herself gives them a kiss. She discovers something of herself in each of her dolls, but only one doll acts in exactly the way Mary Louise would have wished. The allegories to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are hopefully obvious!

    Mary Louise was a little bit lonely...

  • SermonStudio

    Carlos Wilton
    Theme For The Day
    God's holiness awes, cleanses, inspires, and sends forth.

    Old Testament Lesson
    Isaiah 6:1-8
    The Call Of Isaiah

    The opening lines of this passage, "In the year that King Uzziah died ..." set the reader up for an event of great significance. Yet, what follows is a vision of cosmic, not merely national, importance. "I saw...
  • SermonStudio

    William J. Carl, III
    Think of all the faces we show the world every day. We scrub up every morning and put our game face on. We never show our real face except to those who know us best, the ones who see through the game face to the real you and me. But with everyone else we change our faces.

    The doorbell rings. You're working on something, so you grimace over the interruption. Watch the contours of your...
  • SermonStudio

    Richard L. Sheffield
    In the "Science & Technology," section of a recent issue of Business Week magazine, there was an article about the latest on A - I - D - S, the complicated disease we've come to know simply as AIDS. It says the scientists are learning a lot. One of the things they're learning is how the disease kills. And like just about everything that matters, it isn't simple. Says Business Week, "... HIV...
  • SermonStudio

    Stan Purdum
    (Occurs in all three cycles of the lectionary for The Baptism Of Our Lord/Epiphany 1/Ordinary Time 1; see The Baptism Of Our Lord/Epiphany 1/Ordinary Time 1 Cycles A and B for alternative approaches.)

    Though I quite understand the danger of thunderstorms, they do not terrify me. I believe this is because of my childhood memories of my mother going out on the porch during storms...

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