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  • The Immediate Word

    Children's sermon, Illustration, Preaching, Sermon, Worship
    Mary Austin
    Dean Feldmeyer
    Christopher Keating
    Thomas Willadsen
    Ron Love
    Bethany Peerbolte
    For February 24, 2019:
  • StoryShare

    Keith Hewitt
    Wilton Lewis stood with his hands on his hips, studying the sanctuary wall, not trusting himself to speak. He wanted to spit, was thwarted by the fact that he was inside, and instead swallowed hard and said, “This is vile. Disgusting and vile.” He turned to his right and added, “I...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Frank Ramirez
    Since Albert Einstein is considered the genius above all geniuses, he is often credited quotes he never said. (If Einstein said it, it must be true.) That includes the saying that insanity is defined as doing the same thing again and again and expecting to get a different result. Actually, it wasn't until the 1980's that he was first connected to that saying, but it doesn't matter who actually...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Ron Love
    Bonnie Bates
    Bob Ove
    Frank Ramirez
    Mark Ellingsen
    Genesis 45: 3-11, 15
    I’ve always admired Joseph and his response to the situations his brothers created for him — being sold into slavery, being imprisoned, but finally coming into power and influence. My human-self wonders if I would have the grace Joseph does to embrace and express love for his brothers, to understand and accept that God put all this in motion. When...
  • CSSPlus

    Children's sermon
    Arley K. Fadness
    “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you....” (v. 27)

    Good morning boys and girls,

    First thing I want to say is, I love you little ones. Know why? I just love to give love and to receive love. How many of you know how to hug? (children respond)

    Love and hugs are about the same aren't they? (children respond)...
  • SermonStudio

    David Kalas
    Seven years ago, our family moved from southern Virginia to northeast Wisconsin. As you might expect, spring comes later here. Fall comes earlier. And winter is a much different experience in northeast Wisconsin than it was in southern Virginia. The same temperatures that seemed bone-chilling in Virginia are good reason to leave the mufflers and mittens at home in Wisconsin. Of course, many of...

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