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  • The Immediate Word

    Thomas Willadsen
    Christopher Keating
    Mary Austin
    Dean Feldmeyer
    George Reed
    Bethany Peerbolte
    I write Thursday, June 21, 2018. By far the story that has gotten the most press coverage for the last week is the situation regarding children being separated from their parents at US borders. Some of these families seek to enter the United States illegally; others are seeking asylum status. Children in both situations are being taken from their parents.

    NPR reported on June 20, "...
  • StoryShare

    Keith Wagner
    Peter Andrew Smith
    “The Gift of Healing” by Keith Wagner
    “Still In Service” by Keith Wagner
    “Weeping in Faith” by Peter Andrew Smith

    The Gift of Healing
    by Keith Wagner
    Mark 5:21-43

    Over the course of my ministry I have been asked to visit or pray for persons who are sick or dying. Most of the time, they get better...
  • CSSPlus

    Arley K. Fadness
    “At this they were overcome with amazement.” (v. 42b)

    Happy Sunday, (or whatever day this message is used) boys and girls,

    I hope you are well and happy today. But if you are tired or crabby, that's okay too.

    God loves us no matter what and that's what counts. So good to see you.

    Have you ever played “touched you last?” (...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Mark Ellingsen
    Bob Ove
    Frank Ramirez
    Bill Thomas
    Bonnie Bates
    Ron Love
    2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27 and Psalm 130
    Dr. Marilyn Gootman wrote a book in 2005 called When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens about Grieving and Healing. It has been lauded as a valuable tool for young people at a time of loss and confusion. Here are some excerpts from that book.

    "My parents act like the death of my boyfriend shouldn't matter. They don't...
  • Emphasis Preaching Journal

    Wayne Brouwer
    Some years ago, Newsweek magazine carried a little article about a fortune-tellers’ convention in Dublin, Ireland. Palm readers, crystal ball gazers, and astrologers from all around the world got together for a week to compare notes and to make some new predictions.

    In the presence of all these people who were supposed to know what tomorrow would bring, a thief got into the...
  • The Village Shepherd

    Janice B. Scott
    Surprisingly, most clergy enjoy taking funerals. It sounds like a contradiction in terms when the words "enjoy" and "funeral" are used in the same sentence and of course, the enjoyment is not in the death of a loved one. It's more because when someone has died, clergy are really needed and if sensitive, are able to help enormously with the bereavement and all its subsequent...
  • SermonStudio

    Richard Carl Hoefler
    The Woman With An Issue Of Blood

    Pick up the morning newspaper and you are certain to be confronted by another crime committed. And it seems that one crime is more bizarre than the other. The miracle we now consider is an account of a strange and unusual crime. It is the story of a woman who attempted to steal a miracle.

    In many ways, this woman was like the leper who was...

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