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You Are the Treasure

Children's sermon
a dove
“You are my Son, The Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” (v. 22)

Good morning children,

I am so happy to see you this morning. Notice the smile on my face? Let's see yours.

(children smile)

My smile says you are important to me, and I love you just as God loves you too!

I have a story to tell you. You want to hear it? (children answer) Okay.

A little girl broke a vase that was a family treasure. Because she knew the vase was very valuable, she cried out when she broke it. Her mother came running. The girl was surprised to see, not anger, but relief on her mother's face. “I thought you were hurt!”

Her mother gave her a big hug even though the expensive vase was shattered.

Years later, the little girl, when she had grown up, thought about that incident.

She said, “I discovered that day that I was the family treasure.”

Now I have a question. What is more important? Things or people? (children answer)

Did you know that you are more than anything in your home? Video players, diamond rings, 50 inch television sets, your toys, parent's car, anything at all? (children answer)

After Jesus had been baptized by John the Baptist and was praying, suddenly a dove appeared in the heavens. (show dove) A mystery voice spoke out,“You are my Son, The Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”

We believe the voice to be God's. The dove was the Holy Spirit. They realized that Jesus was the beloved Son of God. God, the Father in heaven, approved and affirmed Jesus. Jesus hadn't done anything yet. He had preached no sermons. He had healed no one. He had performed no miracles. But God already approved of him. Jesus was already God's treasure by grace.

When someone says to you, “you are my beloved,” how do you feel? (share time)

Who has told you lately that you are loved?  (share time) Who do you treasure?

Now, here's your assignment. Tell someone today you love them.

Tell someone that they are more precious than things.  See what happens.

Prayer: Beloved Jesus, show us that we too are beloved and treasured as you are.   Amen.

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Second Cutting
by David O. Bales
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

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“Mom,” he raised his voice into the phone.

She hadn’t heard him and talked over him, “… broke the contract and your dad’s been trying to do everything himself.”


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“he was lost and has been found.”

Good morning boys and girls,

I am so happy to see you this morning. How are you? (children may respond)

Let's play a game I call “Lost and Found.” Okay? (children respond)

(presenter role plays) Uh, oh, I lost something for today's message. Hmm, I wonder where it could be. It's a box like this. (shows approximate dimensions) (instruct the children to look around the immediate area) (then presenter or child finds it)

Emphasis Preaching Journal

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Since the Fourth Sunday in Lent has been historically identified as Laetare (Rejoicing Sunday), it is most appropriate that the lessons collectively testify to a theme for which we can rejoice — God saves us by his grace!  

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And the Pharisees and the scribes were grumbling and saying, "This fellow welcomes sinners and eats with them."
-- Luke 15:2

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