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Tracey's Temper

Children's Story
Tracey was afraid. They were all playing Truth or Dare, and Tracey didn't know which was worst. The dares were becoming more and more scary, and Tracey didn't want to be part of them. On the other hand, she was terrified of being required to reveal her innermost secrets, for she knew perfectly well all the others would laugh themselves silly.

"Your go, Tracey," announced James. "Truth or dare?"

Tracey hesitated. "Oh come on, Tracey!" cried the others. "What, you scared or something?"

Tracey shook her head. She was even more terrified of being thought afraid than she was of the outcome. "Dare," she said firmly.

"I know," said James, his eyes gleaming. "I dare you to go into the supermarket and get one of those big bars of chocolate."

Tracey frowned. "I haven't any money, you know I haven't."

James shouted with laughter, and all the others joined him. "You don't buy it, you wimp," James explained impatiently. "Unless you don't dare," he added.

Tracey swallowed. She knew it was wrong. She didn't want to steal, she didn't even want to play the game, but these were the only friends she had, and at times they'd all been nice to her. If she refused, they'd just leave her alone, and she'd find herself with no friends at all. Perhaps it wouldn't matter just this once. But what if she got caught? She thought of being arrested, and how her family would feel. She pictured her mother's tears and her father's fury, and she felt very miserable.

On the other hand, everyone did it, and none of them had been caught yet. Tracey had shared some of the spoils herself, racing off to the playing field with the others as soon as the goods had been nicked, and sitting giggling in a corner surreptitiously nibbling stolen chocolate and biscuits. It had been good fun, and felt really exciting, like an adventure. Although even then Tracey had felt deep inside herself that what they were doing was wrong.

But now it was her turn. She felt under a lot of pressure from the others, who were all eyeing her expectantly. But she also felt under a lot of pressure inside herself, from her own conscience. And she felt under even more pressure from her family, almost as though her parents were right there watching her. Suddenly, Tracey snapped. "This is wrong," she shouted angrily. "I'm not going to do it. And I'm never going to join in again."

There was a stunned silence. Then James sneered, "Scaredy-cat, scaredy-cat! You're just a frightened baby, too scared to be one of the gang. Why don't you clear off?"

To her surprise, Tracey faced him. She was still angry. "You're right, James, I am scared. But I still know it's wrong. And if that's the price of being one of the gang, then I'll just have to stay alone. I don't want to, 'cos I like you guys, but I can't steal, even for you. I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

She turned on her heel, and made to walk away, certain she had ruined everything. None of them would ever want to speak to her again, and they'd probably make her life a misery. But to her astonishment, some of the gang moved across to her and stood with her. "We'll go with you, Tracey," they said. "Bye James, see you later," they added.

And deep inside herself, Tracey knew it was going to be all right. Even if she did lose some friends, she'd make new ones. And she knew all the friendships that mattered would survive her anger and her outspokenness. She smiled at her new friends, and they went off together.
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New & Featured This Week

The Immediate Word

Mary Austin
Dean Feldmeyer
Christopher Keating
Ron Love
Thomas Willadsen
George Reed
Bethany Peerbolte
For August 18, 2019:
  • Seeing the Signs, Taking the Steps by Mary Austin — Jesus tells the crowds listening to him to see the signs, and watch for change in the world. We can interpret the weather, but seeing change in our communal life is much harder.

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Wayne Brouwer
The Desert Fathers told of a father and a son who were traveling together. They came to the edge of a forest. Some of the bushes were loaded with berries. They looked so delicious that the son asked if they could stop for a while and pick berries.

The father was anxious to be on his way, but he saw the desire in his son’s eyes and agreed to stay there for a short while. The son was delighted. Together they searched the bushes for the biggest, plumpest, juiciest berries.
Bonnie Bates
Bill Thomas
Bob Ove
Frank Ramirez
Ron Love
Mark Ellingsen
Isaiah 5:1-7
In the passage from Isaiah, God is the owner of the vineyard, which represents God's people. The coming destruction (verses 5-6) results from the people's failure to do what God "expected," and hoped for (verses 2, 4, 7). That is, the failure to enact and embody justice and righteousness invites catastrophe.

God’s judgment is just and would ultimately come for the recipients of the prophecy by means of the Assyrians (if the recipients were, as many suggest, the Northern Kingdom).


Peter Andrew Smith
Frank Ramirez
“A Cloud of Witnesses” by Peter Andrew Smith
“A Mind of Their Own” by Frank Ramirez

A Cloud of Witnesses
by Peter Andrew Smith
Hebrews 11:29--12:2

Pastor Will stormed out of the board room.

“Is everything okay, Pastor?” Linda called from the office. “Are you finished already?”

“We’re just taking a break,” he said. “We all need a few minutes”

Will walked into the sanctuary, sat in a pew, and closed his eyes.


Arley K. Fadness
Jesus said, ‘I came to bring fire to the earth,’...” (v. 49a)

Good morning girls and boys,

It is a good morning, isn’t it? It’s good because you and your family are here at worship. It’s good because I get to talk with you. It’s good because God is here. How awesome is that? Can you think of other reasons why today is a good morning? (children may respond)

What secret do you think I have in this special box? (children guess)

(presenter removes and shows a candle on a candlestick)

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
All prospective Church of England clergy are obliged to attend a three day selection conference to determine whether or not they are suitable candidates for ministry in the Church. This can often cause real difficulty for those candidates who are told at the end of the conference that the selectors have decided not to recommend them for training at this time. The candidates feel themselves to have been called by God, but the selectors don't agree.


Lee Ann Dunlap
Some of the best prophetic voices of any culture are its troubadours. Historically, the term refers to traveling musicians who once strolled the streets and pubs of medieval Europe singing love songs in exchange for food and lodging. Today they travel by jet or private coach filling auditoriums with screaming fans and recording "greatest hits" albums. Regardless of the time or language, music has an almost supernatural power to affect the human soul and even change the course of the human community. It lifts our spirits, bolsters our courage, and points out injustice.

Special Occasion