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Safe With The Spirit

Children's sermon
The Giant Book Of Children's Sermons
Matthew To Revelation
Object: a large manila envelope

Good morning, boys and girls. How many of you have ever used an envelope? (let them answer; then show them a big manila envelope) Have you ever written a letter or sent something to a friend through the mail and you needed an envelope? It's fun to write letters and even more fun to get them, isn't it?

You can't just send the letter without an envelope. The envelope is important because whatever you put inside is kept together. If I just sent the letter without an envelope, there would be no address, the pages would come apart, or the stamp would cover part of what was said. I couldn't send a check or money without putting it in an envelope because no one would know who it was for and it would simply be lost or taken. An envelope is really a very important part of any letter that you send.

The Holy Spirit is like an envelope. A Christian has many parts and all of the parts are important. A Christian learns from other Christians and from the Bible. A Christian believes many things about God and the way God loves him. A Christian shares many of the things that he has, such as money, food, clothes, and all kinds of things. But the Holy Spirit brings all of those things together and keeps them together so that none of them are lost. That's why we say the Holy Spirit is like an envelope. The Holy Spirit not only keeps them together for you but also keeps you for God. The Holy Spirit promises God the Father that what you learn and what you believe and what you share will be kept forever, and the Holy Spirit doesn't do that just for you but for everyone who believes in, learns about, and shares God.

If you have ever seen a post office or if you have looked into a mail carrier's mailbag, you will see all kinds of envelopes. The Holy Spirit shares himself with everyone. There are many hundreds, thousands, and millions of people who have learned and shared and believed in God. The Holy Spirit keeps every one of them safely for God the Father. That's his promise and he keeps it.
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