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Fluffy Cat And Toby Mouse

Children's Story
Fluffy Cat and Toby Mouse lived together in the same house. At least, Fluffy Cat led a pampered life and enjoyed the run of the house, sleeping on real beds and soft cushions whenever she felt like it. Toby Mouse on the whole kept himself hidden, except when he was playing with Fluffy Cat or enjoying her company or sharing her meals.

Fluffy Cat was fed every day by her doting owners, who loved nothing better than to stroke and pet her. Fluffy Cat always responded by purring contentedly and rubbing her soft fur up and down her owners' legs. Toby Mouse, on the other hand, was never fed. He had to find his own food, and scurried across the kitchen floor when no one was about, picking up the odd crumb here and there.

Fluffy Cat was very generous. She was happy to share her meals with her friend, and always told Toby Mouse to help himself, so Toby Mouse rarely went hungry. And since Fluffy Cat was always given the best of food, Toby Mouse grew sleek and fat alongside her.

One day, when Toby Mouse ventured out into the kitchen after the family had all gone out, Fluffy Cat was nowhere to be seen. But there was a large bowl of thick cream on the kitchen floor, waiting for Fluffy Cat. Toby Mouse took one look, and couldn't wait. He licked his whiskers and ventured towards the edge of the bowl. Then he dipped in a paw and licked it. It tasted so delicious that he slipped into the bowl himself and began to eat all the cream.

He ate and he ate and he ate, until all the cream was finished. Then he staggered out of the bowl, hauled himself onto one of Fluffy Cat's favourite cushions, and fell asleep. He didn't wake up until he heard an anguished miaow. Fluffy Cat was back, and she didn't sound very pleased.

"I didn't think you'd mind!" wailed Toby Mouse. "You always tell me to help myself if you're not around. And you know you'll get some more cream now this is gone. I shall never get any more, because nobody feeds me."

But it was no good. A sound like an angry, hissing snarl issued from Fluffy Cat's throat, and she was crouched low, glaring at Toby Mouse. For the first time ever, Toby Mouse was frightened of Fluffy Cat. He leapt from the cushion as quickly as he could (being very full of cream) and raced towards his little hole in the skirting board. He was only just in time. Fluffy Cat pounced just as Toby Mouse's tail was skittering through his hole.

The next day he sent a little note to Fluffy Cat, saying he was sorry and inviting her to tea in his home. He made a little welcome notice and pasted it over his doorway, but although Fluffy Cat came very near, she didn't come in. Toby Mouse was offended. He felt he had offered the paw of friendship, but it had been rejected. He didn't realise Fluffy Cat was much too big to enter his little hole, and he never bothered to find out why Fluffy Cat didn't come.

After that, Fluffy Cat and Toby Mouse never had any more fun together, and if you see them now, you'll see that they are always enemies. Now whenever Fluffy Cat sees Toby Mouse she chases him as fast as she can, and she never allows him to eat her food. Poor Toby Mouse! And poor Fluffy Cat!

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Isaiah 55:1-9


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Isaiah 55:1-9

Stan shouted from his room. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten,” Fred answered from his desk on the other side in the common area between their residence rooms. “There is coffee on if you want it.”


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Happy day children,

It's lovely to see you today. How are you? (children respond)

I am so happy to have you join me for this message from the Bible.

First I want to ask you what is your favorite fruit? (children respond) Why is _____ your favorite fruit? (each child responds as he/she chooses)

My favorite fruit is ___________. Know why? It's because _______________.

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