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Always Be Prepared!

Children's sermon
Two flashlights. One with batteries and one without.
“Keep awake therefore...” (v. 13a)

Good morning girls and boys,

How are you? Are you fully awake? Sleepy?  Yawning? Tired or perky? Up and ready to go?  We're going to talk about being sleepy or awake. Talk about being prepared or not being prepared.

Suppose your teacher plans to give your class a test at school. Should you go home and play video games or should you study and prepare for the test? (children discuss)

Now let's pretend you and I are going for a hike. We know it's important to prepare. So we prepare ourselves by taking not only water, hiking boots, rattlesnake kit, some mace should we be chased by a bear, but also flashlights because we might not get back until after dark.

Now suppose some of us brought flashlights with batteries and some brought flashlights with no batteries.

Who would be the most prepared as we came back in the night? (turn on both flashlights) (children answer)

Jesus was such an excellent story-teller — always teaching something very important. One day, Jesus told a parable about 10 ladies who were part of a wedding party. Five ladies brought lamps with oil for the night and five forgot extra oil for their lamps for the darkness of the night. When the bridegroom came, those who were ready with lamps burning went into the wedding reception. But those who had no extra oil had to run to try to buy some at the store but they were too late. They missed the party. They were not prepared. The teaching for us is this: It's much better to be prepared than not to be prepared while we are looking and waiting for Jesus' coming.

Have you ever felt lazy about important things? It's so easy to be lazy and sleepy about God's business isn't it? It's very important to be alert and awake when Jesus comes daily and especially when he comes at the last day.

Prayer: Dear Jesus help us be prepared and ready whenever you come. Amen.

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Are you paying attention? Or are you paying attention to the wrong stuff? A voice that sounds a lot like Wisdom as we met her in Proverbs begs us to learn from past experience, so as not to spend money when we can get free stuff. The first generation liberated from Egypt died in the desert because they didn’t learn. And when the people pointed with oohs and ahhs towards current events, Jesus asked them to learn from the past to recognize that some things are not as significant as the eternal choices.

Isaiah 55:1-9


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Isaiah 55:1-9

Stan shouted from his room. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten,” Fred answered from his desk on the other side in the common area between their residence rooms. “There is coffee on if you want it.”


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Happy day children,

It's lovely to see you today. How are you? (children respond)

I am so happy to have you join me for this message from the Bible.

First I want to ask you what is your favorite fruit? (children respond) Why is _____ your favorite fruit? (each child responds as he/she chooses)

My favorite fruit is ___________. Know why? It's because _______________.

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