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The Advent-ure Of Peace

Lectionary Worship Aids
Series V, Cycle C
First Lesson: Zephaniah 3:14-20
Theme: The Advent-ure Of Peace

Call To Worship
Leader: All of us meet troublesome relationships.

People: We come yearning for solutions.

Leader: We know about arguing with ourselves and disagreeing with others.

People: We come wanting to resolve and settle.

All: Come, Christ, we await your peace.


Peace-giving God, who promises to lead us toward agreement and who calls us home to our true selves, renew within us a sense of your enduring peace. Amen.

Prayer Of Confession

God who removes disaster from us, God who turns away enemies of fear and turmoil, God who rejoices over us with gladness, renew us with the lasting peace of your love. In the name of Christ. Amen.

03C Hymns
"[O][Oh] Come, O Come, Emmanuel" Tune: VENI EMMANUEL

"My Heart Sings Out With Joyful Praise" Tune: MARIAS LOVS NG

"People In Darkness Are Looking For Light" (vv. 1-3) Tune: ADVENT1

* * *

Second Lesson: Philippians 4:4-7
Theme: Amazing Peace

Call To Worship

Rejoice in God for God is near. Let us rejoice in God by unfolding our souls. Let us rejoice by sharing ourselves with God and with those around us. And we will know a peace that we had not expected. Come, let us worship God.


We come to you, O God, with hearts thankful for your generous
spirit. Hear our songs and prayers of thanksgiving because you are near to show us the way of peace. Amen.

Prayer Of Confession

Dear God, we want to move beyond protecting our gentleness so much that we become closed in upon ourselves. We equate gentleness with exposing our vulnerability. We forget that tenderness also uncovers strength. Help us to glimpse the peace that can come from compassion. In Jesus' name. Amen.

03C Hymns
"Mary And Joseph In Bethlehem Town" Tune: SABRA

"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" Tune: MENDELSSOHN

"Gentle Mary Laid Her Child" Tune: TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM

* * *

Gospel: Luke 3:7-18
Theme: God Is Able

Call To Worship
Leader: God is able,

People: And so are we.

Leader: God is able to do what seems impossible.

People: We are able to bear amazing fruit from our resources.

Leader: Come, let us worship our able, empowering God.


God, who offers us a reason to change our ways and who invites us to discover that we, too, are able to be kind, to share, and to choose fair ways, to you we return thanks. Amen.

Prayer Of Confession

When we live out the faith of our baptism, O God, we begin to understand our responsibility for how we live. Strengthen our resolve to act beyond self-interest. Open our ears to hear that we are able to live as you would have us live. In the name of the coming Savior. Amen.

03C Hymns
"Awake! Awake, And Greet The New Morn" Tune: REJOICE, REJOICE

"[On River Jordan's Bank][On Jordan's Bank][The Baptist Shouts][On Jordan's Shore]" Tune: WINCHESTER NEW

"Healing River Of The Spirit" Tune: JOEL or BEACH SPRING


1. Sing verses 1, 2, and 3 of this Advent Hymn on Advent 3. Sing verse 3 as a closing response after the benediction.
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New & Featured This Week


John Jamison
In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar—when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis, and Lysanias tetrarch of Abilene— during the high-priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, the word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the wilderness. (vv. 1-2)

The Immediate Word

Christopher Keating
Quantisha Mason-Doll
Thomas Willadsen
Mary Austin
George Reed
Dean Feldmeyer
For December 5, 2021:
  • Advent Roadwork by Chris Keating — Our repentance clears the ground so that the foundations of grace and reconciliation can be set. These are the first steps to be undertaken before the massive rebuilding can occur.

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Mark Ellingsen
We knew it all along, but it takes good messengers if we are to hear it again.

Baruch 5:1-9
Mark Ellingsen
Bonnie Bates
Bill Thomas
Frank Ramirez
Baruch 5:1-9
Referring to this lesson, the ancient theologian Irenaeus wrote:

... the prophet has pointed out, that as many believers as God has prepared for this purpose, to multiply those left upon earth, should both be under the rule of the saints to minister to this Jerusalem.  (Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol.1, p.565)

The text is about the fresh start God affords us in Christ.  The coming son is like a bridge to this new reality.  About Christ’s role in this way, the medieval mystic Catherine of Siena once wrote:


Frank Ramirez
John E. Sumwalt
“The Real Messanger” by Frank Ramirez
“The Unforgiving Manure Spreader” by John Sumwalt

The Real Messanger
by Frank Ramirez
Malachi 3:1-4

See, I am sending my messenger to prepare the way before me…. (Malachi 3:1)

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
Roly lay down with his head on his paws and felt lonely. But he wasn't lonely for long, for lots of people came to the entrance to the maze and petted him and patted him and stroked him and spoke to him. Roly perked up, and wondered for the hundredth time what went on in a maze. Still, the family had told him very firmly to stay at the entrance in case he got lost in the maze, or worse, because he was so small, tripped people up by darting between their legs.


Alex A. Gondola, Jr.
Have you ever noticed that many people seem to feel they either have "too much" Christmas or "not enough" Christmas? Television commentator Andy Rooney is one who thinks he has had "too much" Christmas. Andy Rooney, in fact, has proposed a "Christmas Holidays Limitations Act." These are some of the provisions of that Act:

1. Capital punishment would be mandatory for anyone caught selling Christmas ornaments before Thanksgiving.
Cynthia E. Cowen
Every Sunday, a church broadcasts a one-hour service over the waves of 1450 WMIQ, the local radio station. It begins with this announcement, "From the shores of beautiful Crystal Lake, we bring you Our Saviour's morning service."

One Advent season, the pastor had selected an "in the sandals" sermon series. The first biblical character to be heard from was John the Baptist. As John entered clothed in the prophet's clothing, a reader announced: "Prepare the way of the Lord. Make his paths straight" (Luke 3:4b).
J. Will Ormond
The setting and shape of this sermon are obvious. It was preached at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the founding of that congregation.

The church was officially organized on January 30, 1949. I was the first pastor. I remained pastor until May, 1964.
Robert S. Jarboe
Second Sunday In Advent

For Luke 1:68-79

(Distribute this sheet to the readers.)

Reader A:
Reader B:

(As the introit is being sung, Readers A and B come forward and stand by the Advent wreath until the music is finished.)

Reader A:
Please turn to the Advent litany in your bulletins.
(Pause as they do so.)
If we keep our minds steadfast and trust in God,
we will be kept in perfect peace.

Special Occasion