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Personal testimony

Victor Hugo called his masterpiece Les Miserables a religious work. So it is. The story echoes the gospel message at nearly every turn.

The main character, Jean Valjean, has been beaten hard by the cruel twists of fate. He has seen the sham of hypocrisy on all sides. So he casts the name of the Lord to the ground like a curse. What does God know of him, and what does it matter?

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The Immediate Word

Dean Feldmeyer
Christopher Keating
Mary Austin
Ron Love
George Reed

Stories Told, Stories Forgotten
by Dean Feldmeyer
Genesis 9:8-17, Mark 1:9-15

In the 1988 PBS documentary Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, storyteller and mythologist Joseph Campbell sat down with journalist and ordained minister Bill Moyers to talk about the power of mythology.


Peter Andrew Smith
Keith Wagner
"Looking for the Rainbow" by Peter Andrew Smith
"Remember Your Baptism" by Keith Wagner
"Faith Like Noah's" by Keith Wagner

Looking for the Rainbow
by Peter Andrew Smith
Genesis 9:8-17

Natasha made her way into the senior’s room. “What can I do for you, Mrs. Ford?”

“Can I sit up in the chair please?” the frail senior asked from her nursing home bed.


Arley K. Fadness
“And a voice came from heaven, 'You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.'” (v. 11)

Good morning girls and boys,

How are you today? Good, better, or best? (children answer) (presenter chit chats with children)

I love to see children here at church. Of course I love to see moms and dads and others too. But you're coming to worship warms my heart.

I have a couple of questions to ask you this morning.

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Frank Ramirez
Bill Thomas
Ron Love
Mark Ellingsen
Bob Ove
Bonnie Bates
Genesis 9:8-17
We don’t know all the animals on the ark. Mark Twain thought there should be dinosaurs! Wouldn’t we rather have dinosaurs than some of the more dangerous animals and did he also bring deadly germs with him on the ark? If not, where did they come from?

Frank Ramirez
Several cultures in the ancient Mediterranean have some version of the Flood story, which tells us that whatever form this traumatic event took, it left a lasting cultural memory across the Western World. Unlike other Flood narratives, the Bible makes it clear God is in charge. God is fully in control when the waters are loosed and when they are bottled up again. Not only that, we are safe from any world-wide cataclysm, because God has made a covenant with us. The rainbow is a sign that whatever we might do to each other, God will not destroy life upon the earth again.


John Jamison
It all sounds so simple. It’s just so nice, so easy, and so straightforward; almost comfortable. And we’ve heard the story told so many times that many of us know it by heart.

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
Roly Bain, the ordained Anglican priest whose ministry is based around presenting the gospel through clowning, has a unique and powerful way of offering intercessions. He uses a small pot of bubble mixture and as he blows the bubbles he invites the audience to look at the bubbles and draws the congregation's attention to the rainbow within each bubble. He then reminds them of the story of Noah's Ark - which everybody knows - and explains that when flood waters subsided, God put his sign in the sky, the sign of a rainbow. He suggests brief biddings and

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