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James L. Killen, Jr.

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What Can We Believe about the Church? -- 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 25 | Ordinary Time 30 - A -- 2010
What can we believe about the church? That is an important question for us to ask and to answer.
What Can We Believe about the Christian Life? -- 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 26 | Ordinary Time 31 - A -- 2010
Paul frequently reminded the Thessalonians of the kind of life that he and his friends lived while t
What Can We Believe about the Reign of Christ? -- Ephesians 1:15-23 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Christ The King (Proper 29) - A -- 2010
The church calendar says that this is the day on which we celebrate the festival of Christ the King.
Removing Obstacles -- 1 Corinthians 1:10-18 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Epiphany 3 | Ordinary Time 3 - A -- 2004
Our church has an important mission.
Experiencing The Reality Of God -- Acts 2:1-21 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Day of Pentecost - A -- 2004
The story of the Day of Pentecost tells of a pivotal event in the history of God's work in the world
Out Of Conflict -- Genesis 25:19-34 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 10 | Ordinary Time 15 - A -- 2004
Today, we are going to talk about conflict. How do you feel about conflict?
Surprised By God -- Genesis 28:10-19a -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 11 | Ordinary Time 16 - A -- 2004
We live in a culture that is increasingly secular.
The Subject Is Salvation -- Genesis 6:9-22; 7:24; 8:14-19 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 4 | Ordinary Time 9 - A -- 2004
A pastor was talking one day with some men whom he knew were not actively involved in any religion.
A Voice From Beyond -- Genesis 12:1-9 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 5 | Ordinary Time 10 - A -- 2004
Down through the centuries, philosophers and theologians have come up with a number of classical "pr
The Problem With Promises -- Genesis 18:1-15 (21:1-7) -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 6 | Ordinary Time 11 - A -- 2004
The problem with promises is that you have to trust them.
Some Things Ought Not To Happen -- Genesis 21:8-21 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 7 | Ordinary Time 12 - A -- 2004
Some things that happen in our world just ought not to happen.
The Way To Happy Endings -- Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 9 | Ordinary Time 14 - A -- 2004
Genesis 24 is like a short novel that is set into the end of the story of Abraham.
The Witness Of Being -- Genesis 1:1-2:4a -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Trinity Sunday | 1st Sunday after Pentecost - A -- 2004
Things are. The world is. The universe, whatever that is, is. I am. You are.
Discovering That It's Not About You -- Genesis 22:1-14 -- James L. Killen, Jr. -- Proper 8 | Ordinary Time 13 - A -- 2004
"It's not about you." Did anyone ever say that to you? Something is going on.
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The Immediate Word

Dean Feldmeyer
Thomas Willadsen
Katy Stenta
Mary Austin
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George Reed
For January 29, 2023:

Emphasis Preaching Journal

David Coffin
“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is attained along the path of righteousness. Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness” Proverbs 16:31. While this might hold true in certain areas of the Ancient Near East, try telling this to an upper middle-aged person in America who has “aged out” of their job in an organization, or no longer has a “made for TV” face. A daily look in the mirror reminds people that the body grows old, as does the mind.
Bill Thomas
Mark Ellingsen
Frank Ramirez
Bonnie Bates
Micah 6:1-8


Peter Andrew Smith
Teresa stood reading the new sign outside of the church.

“Nice sign,” Kevin said from beside her. “Where did they come up with those sayings?”

She turned to him. “They’re words of Jesus from the Bible called the Beatitudes.”

“Huh.” He squinted at the sign. “Usually I like what he has to say about love and all of that. These are just confusing. If I’m mourning or poor in spirit, how does that make me blessed?”


John Jamison
Object:  A jar of honey. I used a 16-ounce jar, but if you use another size just do the math to change the number of bees that would have been needed to create that much honey. It takes at least 12 bees to produce 1 teaspoon of honey. Sometimes I have given the children a taste of the sweet honey at the end of the message, but that depends on whether any of your children might have allergies to honey or have problems with that much sugar.

* * *

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
Call to Worship:
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told the people how they could be blessed by God and experience God's kingdom. In our worship today let us explore the Sermon on the Mount.

Invitation to Confession:
Jesus, sometimes I'm full of pride instead of being poor in spirit.
Lord, have mercy.
Jesus, sometimes I'm overbearing and pushy, instead of being meek.
Christ, have mercy.
Jesus, sometimes I'm not exactly pure in heart.
Lord, have mercy.



Stephen P. McCutchan
Who may dwell on your holy hill?
-- Psalm 15:1

Kenneth Cauthen
Bradley wanted to be good for nothing. His mother was. That was sufficient for him. This is how it came about. Bradley was a little boy. One morning he came to breakfast and laid a note on his mother's plate. The note said: "Mother owes Bradley, for running errands, $.25; for being good, $.10; for taking music lessons, $.15; extras, $.05; total, $.55." At lunch time Bradley found some change on his plate that totaled $.55. He was excited and pleased that his initiative had worked so well. There was also a note with the money, which he picked up and read.
John T. Ball
We Christians should be very careful about putting a limit on serious questions concerning human and godly existence, for we are the beneficiaries of those who have put serious questions up against the mysteries of life. The young Albert Einstein asked the compelling question of what things would be like if seen from the perspective of the speed of light. Charles Darwin wanted to know why there were so many different species of life.
Susan R. Andrews
Our text says that Jesus "went up to the mountain" and, oh, what a beautiful mountain it is! The Mount of the Beatitudes is not all that high, but in Galilee it is the equivalent of Mount Everest. Stretched out below is the most fertile agricultural land in Israel, intricately laid out next to the jeweled sea, that breathtaking, blue prism reflecting the hot beauty of the Middle Eastern sun.

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