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Easter Day - C

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Emphasis Preaching Journal

Easter is God's affirmative YES... -- Acts 10:34-43 -- Easter Day - C
Easter is God's affirmative YES to life. Easter is the Lord's imprimatur to immorality.
Alice got the news in... -- Luke 24:1-10 -- Easter Day - C
Alice got the news in mid-morning when she went to her post office box for the mail.
A young college student, considered... -- John 20:1-9 (10-18) -- Easter Day - C
A young college student, considered to be an intellectual, announced to a group of friends one day t
The first thing that Christian... -- Acts 14:21-27 -- Easter Day - C
The first thing that Christian love and Christian faith do to evil is to make a problem out of it.
Mark Twain once said of... -- Acts 10:34-43 -- Easter Day - C
Mark Twain once said of another, "He could charm an audience an hour on a stretch without ever getti
The Methodist circuit riders were... -- Acts 14:21-27 -- Easter Day - C
The Methodist "circuit riders" were familiar figures during the expansion period of American history
In Peter's Joppa Sermon, the... -- Acts 10:34-43 -- Easter Day - C
In Peter's Joppa Sermon, the entire "Jesus story" is summarized. So also Rev. C. C.
Although written for a new... -- Revelation 21:1-6 -- Easter Day - C
Although written for a new calendar year, some verses of the poem "Ring Out Wild Bells" by Alfred, L
A teacher asked her class... -- Acts 10:34-43 -- Easter Day - C
A teacher asked her class members to tell who they thought was the greatest living person today.
There is a firm that... -- Revelation 21:1-6 -- Easter Day - C
There is a firm that advertises its product as made in God's country.
A farmer during his slack... -- Acts 10:34-43 -- Easter Day - C
A farmer during his slack season went deep-sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico.
An article in Psychology... -- Revelation 21:1-6 -- Easter Day - C
An article in Psychology Today says that boredom in America has reached "epidem
So long as there are... -- Exodus 15:1-11 -- Easter Day - C
So long as there are homes to which men turn
At the close of day;
To build a new church... -- Revelation 21:1-6 -- Easter Day - C
To build a new church building is an exciting undertaking. It is also a lot of hard work.
Many authorities date this song... -- Exodus 15:1-11 -- Easter Day - C
Many authorities date this song of victory as one of the most ancient portions of the Bible.
Although portions of Revelation's Hallelujah... -- Revelation 19:1, 4-9 -- Easter Day - C
Although portions of Revelation's "Hallelujah Chorus" are taken up by Handel, the marriage scene and
Graham Greene, the English Roman... -- Exodus 15:1-11 -- Easter Day - C
Graham Greene, the English Roman Catholic novelist wrote insightfully about problems facing the chur
What must the church focus... -- Revelation 19:1, 4-9 -- Easter Day - C
What must the church focus upon, if it is to be prepared for the return of Christ?
Censoriousness is always in greater... -- Revelation 19:1, 4-9 -- Easter Day - C
Censoriousness is always in greater supply than praise.
Two parents watched with pride... -- Exodus 15:1-11 -- Easter Day - C
Two parents watched with pride as their teenage child flawlessly performed an instrumental solo in f
A couple in their late... -- Revelation 19:1, 4-9 -- Easter Day - C
A couple in their late 40s and members of a computer "bulletin board," who met by sending messages t
Little resurrections come in all... -- 1 Corinthians 15:19-26 -- Easter Day - C
Little resurrections come in all shapes and sizes.
William Feather shares the story... -- John 13:31-35 -- Easter Day - C
William Feather shares the story of a man who found a five dollar bill on the ground.
I believe that it was... -- 1 Corinthians 15:19-26 -- Easter Day - C
I believe that it was Reuben Youngdahl who told the story of the inactive member who returned to chu
This passage from John illustrates... -- John 13:31-35 -- Easter Day - C
This passage from John illustrates that Jesus' perfection is more than greater quantities of basic h







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The Immediate Word

Christopher Keating
Thomas Willadsen
Dean Feldmeyer
Mary Austin
Ron Love
George Reed
Bethany Peerbolte
For March 24, 2019:

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Mark Ellingsen
Bob Ove
Ron Love
Frank Rarmirez
Bill Thomas
Bonnie Bates
Isaiah 55:1-9
Frank Ramirez
Are you paying attention? Or are you paying attention to the wrong stuff? A voice that sounds a lot like Wisdom as we met her in Proverbs begs us to learn from past experience, so as not to spend money when we can get free stuff. The first generation liberated from Egypt died in the desert because they didn’t learn. And when the people pointed with oohs and ahhs towards current events, Jesus asked them to learn from the past to recognize that some things are not as significant as the eternal choices.

Isaiah 55:1-9


Peter Andrew Smith
Keith Wagner
“Something Worthy” by Peter Andrew Smith
“It's Not Your Fault” by Keith Wagner
“All In the Family” by Keith Wagner

Something Worthy
by Peter Andrew Smith
Isaiah 55:1-9

Stan shouted from his room. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten,” Fred answered from his desk on the other side in the common area between their residence rooms. “There is coffee on if you want it.”


Arley K. Fadness
 “Sir, let it alone for one more year...”

Happy day children,

It's lovely to see you today. How are you? (children respond)

I am so happy to have you join me for this message from the Bible.

First I want to ask you what is your favorite fruit? (children respond) Why is _____ your favorite fruit? (each child responds as he/she chooses)

My favorite fruit is ___________. Know why? It's because _______________.

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
The government has finally woken up to the fact that the health of our children in this country is threatened by their food. For two generations, since World War II, food has become increasingly processed and the era of the fast food meal is well and truly with us.


Constance Berg
Karen hates church. She feels it's a place where people are brainwashed. She thinks the people who go to church are weak, looking for a crutch in sermons that tell them how to behave. Karen clearly has an issue with established religion.

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