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Finding Life

Children's sermon
a can of paint
Good morning! I am so happy to see you.

I want to tell you something that Jesus said and see if you catch the meaning of it. Jesus said, "For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it." What do you think Jesus was saying to us? (let them answer)

Pretty hard to figure out, isn't it? But I brought along something that will help us. I brought a big can. Do you know what is in my can? (let them answer) That's right; it is paint.

I know a little about this paint. Living inside of the can is Perry Paint. I talked to Perry Paint the other day and I asked him how he liked living in a can. Perry said he just loved it. It was so warm and peaceful. Perry hoped he could stay in the can. But I said to Perry Paint, "You can't stay in the can. You were meant to be on a wall or on the side of a house. Perry Paint," I said, "you are supposed to make something very pretty and bright."

"I don't care," said Perry. "I like it in here where it is dark and I can sleep and no one is stirring me up or sticking a brush into me. Besides, I'll be all spread out from one end of the wall to the other. I want to stay together in this nice warm can."

Did you ever think a can of bright (yellow, blue, red) paint would feel like that? (let them answer)

Perry thinks he is saving his life, but really as long as he stays in the can he is losing his life. Perry was meant to bring joy and happiness with his bright color. But no one knows Perry exists. Saving his life by not being spread on a wall is losing his life.

Finally, I opened the lid. You should have heard Perry yell. I took a paint paddle and stirred him up, and he just moaned. I took my brush and stuck it in Perry, and he screamed bloody murder. I felt kind of sorry for Perry Paint until I spread him on the wall. All of a sudden I heard this very nice purring sound. I looked in the can and there was a smile on Perry Paint. "I love it," said Perry. "I was afraid to give my life up, but now I see what I was meant to be, and I am so happy to be giving my life to bring joy and happiness to others."

Well, that is the story of Perry Paint, but it can be your story as well. Some people are afraid if they give their life to Jesus they will lose it. But instead, when we give our life to Jesus we will find it will be made beautiful in our service to God.

Prayer: Help us to serve you gladly, O Lord. Amen.

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Note: For added fun, you can do a simple role-play of this message. When you introduce the Pharisees, pick a couple of children to stand and look mean and bully-like as they watch the others in the story. Then, as you introduce each group of workers, pick a couple of children to stand and pretend they are picking grapes. Have fun with it!

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