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Robert A. Noblett

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When The Boat Keeps Rocking -- Psalm 46 -- Robert A. Noblett, Charles Cammarata -- 2006
For a congregation experiencing several deaths in a brief period
Extravagant Gestures In A Cost-Effective World -- Mark 14:1--15:47 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Passion Sunday - B -- 2002
Families of faith that dwell in older buildings eventually have to struggle with the issue of restor
Placard Faith, Complex World -- John 3:14-21 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Fourth Sunday in Lent - B -- 2002
As you have sat in your easy chair munching on snack food during any NFL game, you have seen this si
Holy Vexation -- John 2:13-22 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Third Sunday in Lent - B -- 2002
We have all probably had the experience of being in the presence of someone who is normally composed
Life -- From The Inside Out -- Mark 8:31-38 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Second Sunday in Lent - B -- 2002
Eleven people, so goes the story, were dangling from a rope beneath a helicopter in a rescue scenari
Up And Running -- Mark 1:9-15 -- Robert A. Noblett -- First Sunday in Lent - B -- 2002
We all have a stake in making sure that our young people get up and running.
Cross Connections -- John 18:1-19:42 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Good Friday - B -- 2002
Good Friday is not an easy day on which to preach, nor is what happened on Good Friday easy to expla
Entrustment -- John 17:6-19 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Seventh Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
Over thirty years ago, the late David H. C.
Called To Love, Not Like -- John 15:9-17 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Sixth Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
The humorist Will Rogers told us that he never met a man he didn't like.
Together, But Not Enmeshed -- John 15:1-8 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Fifth Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
Jesus describes the community gathered in his name -- and that would be all of us -- using the image
A Tireless And Timeless Image -- John 10:11-18 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Fourth Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
Images are highly influential.
Easter For Thomas, Too -- John 20:19-31 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Second Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
The urge to be a part of what is going on is very powerful.
Easter Transportation -- John 20:1-18 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Easter Day - B -- 2002
The eyes of our nation have, in recent time, twice been riveted on Antarctica and the need to rescue
Heaven's Applause -- Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Ash Wednesday - B -- 2002
Some words fall into the mud puddle, are never cleaned off, and become permanently tarnished by the
A Friend In High Places -- Luke 24:44-53 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Ascension of the Lord - B -- 2002
What we want to talk about is not, I am extremely sure, a theme that dominated your breakfast conver
The Ministry Of Fading -- John 12:20-33 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Fifth Sunday in Lent - B -- 2002
We could spend our sermon time talking with you about John's Christology and how our text indicates
Too Good To Be True? -- Luke 24:36b-48 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Third Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
Here's the scene.
When The Boat Keeps Rocking -- Psalm 46 -- Robert A. Noblett, Anthology -- 1994
On a fourth of July weekend when I was a fairly young man, a friend of my father's invited a friend
God's Flowing and Our Ebbing -- Isaiah 6:1-8 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Trinity Sunday | 1st Sunday after Pentecost - B -- 1990
My family and I have spent several enjoyable vacations on the Atlantic Ocean, both at Cape Cod and a
A Thanksgiving Checklist -- 2 Samuel 7:18-29 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Proper 10 | Ordinary Time 15 - B -- 1990
Do you ever find yourself getting confused over actual holidays and legal holidays? I do.
David and the Devil -- 2 Samuel 11:1-15 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Proper 11 | Ordinary Time 16 - B -- 1990
We can be thankful that the Bible is brutally honest about the people whose stories it tells.
Speaking Truth to Power: The Ministry of Nathan -- 2 Samuel 12:1-14 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Proper 12 | Ordinary Time 17 - B -- 1990
In the wake of David's affair with Bathsheba, God was not content to let matters lie, and it fell to
When Matters Hang in the Balance -- 2 Samuel 12:15b-24 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Proper 13 | Ordinary Time 18 - B -- 1990
When our son was very small, he developed a strange disorder that manifested itself in an excruciati
Runaway Lives -- 2 Samuel 18:1, 5, 9-15 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Proper 14 | Ordinary Time 19 - B -- 1990
For cowboy lovers, the 1950s were golden.

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Too Good To Be True? -- Luke 24:36b-48 -- Robert A. Noblett -- Third Sunday of Easter - B -- 2002
Here's the scene.
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The Immediate Word

Dean Feldmeyer
Thomas Willadsen
Katy Stenta
Mary Austin
Christopher Keating
George Reed
Quantisha Mason-Doll
For October 2, 2022:


John Jamison
Object: A printed copy of the job description that is included with this week’s message. (Download here.)

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Hello, everyone! (Let them respond.) I have another story for you today. Are you ready? (Let them respond.) Great!

Emphasis Preaching Journal

David Coffin
All of today’s texts address times along the faith journey where a mature faith is helpful. Modern examples include a church which has just completed a major building project. The ribbon cutting celebration is in the past. It is time to make payments to the creditors. Also, there are maintenance and upkeep costs along with knowing the state will be making inspection visits to assure building safety standards remain current.
Bill Thomas
Frank Ramirez
Mark Ellingsen
Lamentations 1:1-6; 3:19-26
John Calvin well describes the distress and doubt which this lesson depicts:

...for there is nothing more difficult for men than to preserve their minds in a state of peace and tranquility, undisturbed by any disquieting fears, whilst they are in this world, which is subject to many changes. (Calvin’s Commentaries, Vol.V/1, p. 18)

The Village Shepherd

Janice B. Scott
Alice loved ballet. She'd been given a ballet video for her birthday, and she spent hours watching it. When she'd been attending ballet classes for three weeks, she announced to the assembled family that she was going to be a ballet dancer when she grew up.

Alice's mother and father exchanged meaningful glances. "Ballet means a lot of hard work," warned her father.


John S. Smylie
David O. Bales
What's Up This Week
"Where Have All the Churches Gone?" by John Smylie
"Caught Not Taught" by John Smylie
"Oh, Mulberries!" by David Bales

Note: This installment was originally published in 2007.

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Where Have All the Churches Gone?
By John Smylie
Lamentations 1:1-6


David E. Leininger
A couple of years ago, a fascinating book by Mitch Albom hit the bestseller lists, Tuesdays with Morrie. The author had learned that his old teacher was slowly dying of Lou Gehrig's disease, and after an absence of many years, the two reconnected and began to get together every Tuesday. The book shares some of the great lessons that emerged from those weekly conversations. For example:

"Okay, question," I say to Morrie. His bony fingers hold his glasses across his chest, which rises and falls with each labored breath.

"What's the question?" he says.
Carlos Wilton
The little-known book of Lamentations was likely composed in the ashes of Jerusalem, following the Babylonian invasion which carried the leaders of the Jewish community off into exile. It speaks to the concerns of the Jerusalem community for their long-term survival under occupation by a foreign power. While the book's title sounds grim, and its setting is dark, the book is fundamentally life-affirming. It is a testimony to the steadfast love of God that may be discovered through renewed faith, even in troubled times.

Dallas A. Brauninger
1. Text

The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!" [6] The Lord replied, "If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it would obey you.
John W. Clarke
In most congregational settings, the name Habakkuk does not bring people to their feet. He is not considered famous biblically speaking, like the more recognized names of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others. In point of fact, most people do not know who Habakkuk is or what he did.

Habakkuk was a prophet who undertook to sustain the faith of the nation through one of the most hopeless periods of Hebrew history.
Robert R. Kopp
The Dead Poets Society is one of my favorite movies.

It's about an English teacher named John Keating who returns to his stodgy old alma mater named Welton Academy -- the students call it "Hellton" -- and challenges students to live extraordinary lives.

Mr. Keating tells a few students about a secret organization called The Dead Poets Society.

"The Dead Poets Society," he reveals with eyes aglow, "was a society dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life. That phrase is by Thoreau and was invoked at every meeting."

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