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Maurice A. Fetty

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Kingdom Without End -- Luke 1:26-38 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Fourth Sunday of Advent - B -- 1999
"I'm the luckiest son-of-gun that ever was born," said the late Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona,
The Moral Compass -- Mark 1:4-11 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- The Baptism of our Lord | Epiphany 1 | Ordinary Time 1 - B -- 1999
"Confession is good for the soul," so we say in Lent.
Religion Without Guile -- John 1:43-51 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - B -- 1999
It was one of those delightful stories out of the American Frontier.
Academics, Fanatics, And Other Disciples -- Mark 1:14-20 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 3 | Ordinary Time 3 - B -- 1999
I must confess that I am not much of a fisherman.
A New Kind Of Teaching -- Mark 1:21-28 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 4 | Ordinary Time 4 - B -- 1999
Teachers and teaching have been with us since the world began.
The Need For A Community Of Healing -- Mark 1:29-39 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 5 | Ordinary Time 5 - B -- 1999
A friend of mine finally came home from the hospital. He came home alive.
Love, Medicine, And Miracles -- Mark 1:40-45 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 6 | Ordinary Time 6 - B -- 1999
It was the cover story in Psychology Today.
Standing Room Only Religion And Roof Repair -- Mark 2:1-12 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 7 | Ordinary Time 7 - B -- 1999
I long have enjoyed this story of Jesus' healing of the paralytic.
Overcoming The Anxiety Of An Inadequate Background -- Mark 2:13-22 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Epiphany 8 | Ordinary Time 8 - B -- 1999
Americans are increasingly concerned about backgrounds.
Jesus And The Competition -- Mark 9:2-9 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- Transfiguration Sunday - B -- 1999
Perhaps no artist in history has expressed the tenderness and beauty, as well as the majesty and glo
The Hidden Power Of Small Beginnings -- Luke 2:1-14 (15-20) -- Maurice A. Fetty -- The Nativity of our Lord - B -- 1999
Jesus was born during the golden age of the Roman Empire, under the reign of Caesar Augustus.
How To Profit From Prophets -- Luke 1:76 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
Many would claim the profit motive to be one of the stronger motives of our humanity.
Why Prophets Get Under Our Skin -- Luke 3:9 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
To tell you the truth, you might not like him if you met him.
Someone Greater Than A Prophet -- Luke 1:33 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
As our world gets smaller and smaller we become more and more aware of other cultures and religions,
The Long Loneliness -- Romans 13:11-12 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
The Beatles surprised the world in the 1960s and took the United States by storm, introducing a new
A Voice To Be Heard -- John 1:23 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
It had been a long time. History seemed more moribund and leaden than ever.
The Unexpected Universe -- Matthew 11:4-6 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
It has already caused a stir in the minds of many. Long-held doubts have surfaced.
The Star Thrower -- Matthew 2: 9-10 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
O Star (the fairest one in sight),We grant your loftiness the right
The Inner Galaxy -- Luke 2:6-7 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
Christmas Eve is the night for midnight blue skies, cloudless and serene; a night for stars dazzling
The Second Naivete: Babies, Angels, Shepherds, And God -- Philippians 2:8 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1998
You would have liked him as did thousands, perhaps millions.
What Will You Have -- Dancing Or Fasting? -- Matthew 11:17 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1993
Across the sea, along the shore,In numbers more and ever more,
Faith And Fast-Food Religion -- John 6:67-68 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1993
It was many years ago when he told me. It was somewhat unbelievable then, but surely not now.
Parties, Perfumes, And The Poor -- John 12:7-8 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1993
It was an unusual experience. It happened some years ago in New York City on an elevator.
The Dinner Party Not To Miss -- Luke 14:23-24 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- 1993
Have you received any good invitations lately? I certainly have, as has my wife.

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Watching And Waiting For The Kingdom -- Mark 13:24-37 -- Maurice A. Fetty -- First Sunday of Advent - B -- 1999
The future is big business these days.
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New & Featured This Week

The Immediate Word

Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
Bethany Peerbolte
Christopher Keating
Ron Love
Mary Austin
Dean Feldmeyer
George Reed
Thomas Willadsen
For January 19, 2020:
  • Be Prepared! by Bethany Peerbolte — God can use every experience and skill we have accumulated no matter how mundane it may seem to us to work through us to bring love into the world.

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
Frank Ramirez
There’s that old rhyme associated with weddings, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.” These were the things the bride was supposed to wear to her wedding to ensure prosperity and good luck.
Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
Mark Ellingsen
Ron Love
Bonnie Bates
Bill Thomas
Frank Ramirez
Isaiah 49:1-7
Clare Boothe Luce once said, “There are no hopeless situations; there are only people who have grown hopeless about them.”


Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
Bethany Peerbolte
John the Baptist gives us a great example of how to be a friend. Many times, when someone new comes along people get scared their friends will like the new person better. This happens to kids and adults. Bullying often stems from the fear that someone else will steal friends away. A bully sees the only line of defense as making fun of the new kid. They hope by ruining their reputation their friends won’t want to be friends with the new person, and the bully can keep all their friends to themselves.


Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
C. David Mckirachan
Frank Ramirez
“The Principle of Paying Attention” by C. David McKirachan
“Here Am I” by Frank Ramirez

The Principle of Paying Attention
C. David McKirachan
John 1:29-42

The Village Shepherd

Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
Janice B. Scott
Jackie thought Miss Potter looked something like a turtle. She was rather large, and slow and ponderous, and her neck was very wrinkled. But Jackie liked her, for she was kind and fair, and she never seemed to mind even when some of the children were quite unpleasant to her.


Epiphany 2 | Ordinary Time 2 - A
H. Burnham Kirkland
Theme: The Lamb Of God

Call To Worship
John the Baptist exclaimed as he saw Jesus: "Look, here is the Lamb of God!" Two disciples heard him and they followed Jesus. We have come this morning to worship Jesus, the Lamb of God; let us also be prepared to follow him as faithful disciples. Come, let us worship.


Special Occasion