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Don M. Aycock

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The Attitude Of Gratitude -- Philippians 4:10-13 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
A group of tourists watched a grizzly bear catching salmon from a stream in one of our national park
God's Wake--up Call -- Romans 13:11-14 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Everyone who has done much traveling knows what a wake--up call is.
The Mystery Of Christmas -- Colossians 2:1-4 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Affirmations For A New Year -- Isaiah 55:6 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
January is named after the Roman god, Janus.
Meaning Of The Magi -- Matthew 2:1-12 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Some Christians in the world finished celebrating Christmas in January.
The Word Is Near You -- Romans 10: 5-13 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Hear this ancient Japanese parable.
The Light Of Your Life -- John 12:34-36; 42-50 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
This was the beginning of the end. With these words Jesus had no more to say to the public crowds.
A Collision Of Kingdoms -- John 18:33-37 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
The New Testament is full of stories about events which seem turned around, backward, upside down, e
Life's Central Issue -- Deuteronomy 6:1-9 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
These words come as the "commands," "decrees," and "laws" which are given by God for his people.
The Serious Business Of Following Jesus -- Luke 9:57-62 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
A story is told about a small town on the border of Canada and the United States.
A Stubborn Misunderstanding Of Prayer -- Matthew 6:5-8 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
What does the word "prayer" bring to your mind? A regular meeting at church?
Taking The Long Look -- Jeremiah 32 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
What preacher has not stood up to proclaim the word and wondered secretly, "Why am I doing this?
At Christmas Time, Don't Miss Christmas! -- Romans 15:4-13 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
A man who lives in Hollywood tells this to friends who come to visit: "When you are in Hollywood, do
Tempted By Good -- Matthew 4:1-11 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Have you ever noticed that almost every mountaintop experience in life is followed by a valley exper
Struggling With The Truth -- Ephesians 7:10-14 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Aesop told this old story.
A Slice Off The Heavenly Loaf -- John 6:41-51 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Jesus gave himself to hungry humankind as the bread of heaven. Imagine it!
Take Jesus Completely -- John 6:51-58 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Christianity is not a faith for the easily offended.
Living The Servant Attitude -- Luke 17:1-10 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Jesus was a master at knowing the heart of mankind.
Fatal Mistakes -- Luke 16:19-31 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
"But I meant well!" This defense was given by a convicted forger as he explained that he was forging
Accepting And Rejecting Jesus -- John 6:67 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
One of the strangest aspects of faith is that people can go away from faith as well as come to it.
Riches Are More Than Money -- Mark 12:41-44 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Someone has suggested that the way you can tell something about another person is by examining the s
Searching For Jesus -- John 6:24-35 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Some people say that our generation is becoming godless. But make no mistake about it.
Dealing With Disappointment -- Mark 4:26-34 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
How do you deal with disappointment? Some of us get angry.
Toward An Active Faith -- Mark 4:35-41 -- Don M. Aycock -- 2000
Faith is active and alive.
TEMPTED BY GOOD -- Matthew 4:1-11 -- Don M. Aycock
Have you ever noticed that almost every mountaintop experience
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New & Featured This Week

The Immediate Word

Transfiguration Sunday - A
Mary Austin
Dean Feldmeyer
Christopher Keating
Ron Love
Thomas Willadsen
George Reed
For February 23, 2020:
  • Mountains, Top and Bottom by Mary Austin — Presidential candidates go home changed, even if the Presidency eludes them. We can imagine that the same is true for James, John and Peter.
  • Second Thoughts: Crossing Thresholds by Chris Keating — Before ascending the mountain of God, Moses tells the elders to remain and wait — placing them in a season of transition and change.

Emphasis Preaching Journal

Transfiguration Sunday - A
Bonnie Bates
Mark Ellingsen
Ron Love
Frank Ramirez
Bill Thomas
Exodus 24:12-18
Transfiguration Sunday - A
Frank Ramirez
Mark Twain once said that his pious, sainted mother never missed a Sunday’s service her whole life long, but that she never once heard a sermon against slavery. The Civil War took place not only on bloody battlefields but also from behind dueling pulpits where, with greater degrees of bravery and cowardice, God and the Bible were quoted for and against human bondage.


Transfiguration Sunday - A
Bethany Peerbolte
The disciples see Jesus transfigured with Moses and Elijah, and then Jesus tells them to tell no one. I don’t think I would have been up for the task of keeping that secret. I know this because the first time I played The Green Wall a friend told me the secret and I had the hardest time not telling everyone else the answer.


Transfiguration Sunday - A
Frank Ramirez
"Transfigured by Figures" by Frank Ramirez

Transfigured by Figures
by Frank Ramirez
Exodus 24:12-18

Katherine Johnson’s autobiography Reaching for the Moon was published in 2019, when she was one hundred years old. It is written, according to the information on the book jacket, for readers aged 10 and up, and up is the key word. Adults will also enjoy this book that is about going up and up and up, not only into the realms of higher numbers, but also through the atmosphere into space.

The Village Shepherd

Transfiguration Sunday - A
Janice B. Scott
For many people, testimonies in which someone relates the story of how they came to Christianity, still seem to be one of the most powerful means of hearing the Christian message. There's something about the sincerity of the person who stands to speak, which usually shines through their words. And to hear the words of someone who has had a profound religious experience can be very moving.


Transfiguration Sunday - A
Linda Schiphorst Mccoy
Mike, a member of our Good Earth Band at THE GARDEN, and a Ph.D. chemist at Eli Lilly Company, filled in for me when I was away. He decided to use some of his chemical know-how to make the point he wanted to make. Mike had three styrofoam cups and a pitcher of water. He poured water into one of the cups, and did the moving-the-cups-around-routine, asking those who were watching to keep their eye on the cup with the water in it. After he had completed his "hocus-pocus," he asked them to tell him which cup had the water.

Special Occasion