March 26, 2017
John 9:1-41
Ephesians 5:8-14
1 Samuel 16:1-13
Psalm 23

Sons Of Thunder

Good Friday

from the book
Roll Back The Stone
Celebrating The Mystery Of Lent And Easter Through Drama

Carol Secord

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(John and Mary walk upstairs to platform. They walk as if weighted by their sorrow. They pause at Mary's "door," in front of a wooden bench)

Mary: Thank you, John. (Shakes her head in disappointment about the others) You're the only one ... who stayed.

John: I will do what he said, Mary. I'll be your son, and take care of you just as (Voice breaks) he would have done himself.

Mary: I know you will. (Looks at John) I still think I'm going to see him, somehow, as if none of this really happened. I half expect him to walk over and shake his head at me for not understanding, again.

John: (In a strangled voice) There's a lot I don't understand. He tried to tell us so many things, these last few days ... I can't even remember what all he said, much less what it meant. (With pent-up ...

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