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Sermon Help for All Saints Day
Uplifting Christ Through Autumn: Sermons for the Fall SeasonDead, Deified, Or Different?
Sermon by Michael D. Wuchter based on Matthew 5:1-12 excerpted from Uplifting Christ Through Autumn: Sermons for the Fall Season (SermonStudio)
Blest are the lowly; they shall inherit the land. Blest are they who hunger and thirst for holiness; blest are they who show mercy; blest are the peacemakers.
     As you are all aware, today is All Saints' Sunday. In the year 835 A.D., Pope Gregory IV established for the Western church November 1 as All Saints' Day.... The Sunday following became All Saints' Sunday.
     The day was intended to be a day of celebration and commemoration of all the saints of God, known and unknown -- a victory party for those who shared in the mystery, yet continuity, of resurrection here for the full sermon

Free Children's Sermon for Proper 25 | OT 30 | Pentecost 20

From a Mustard Seed: Children's SermonsWe Belong To God
Children's sermon by Mark A. Hultquist based on 1 John 3:1 excerpted from From a Mustard Seed: Children's Sermons (SermonStudio)
When the Pharisees challenged Jesus over his attitude towards the state, he neatly separated the state from God. But it isn't always easy to decide whether or not the state is following God's law. So whether or not we should follow the path of civil disobedience.... click here for the rest of the children's sermon

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The Immediate Word
Leah Lonsbury

For All the Saints

Matthew 5:1-12; Matthew 23:1-12

Many of us will be celebrating All Saints Day this Sunday, pausing to honor the lives of the members of our congregations who have died in the past year. But what is it exactly about a person that makes them a saint? William W. How gives us some ideas in his famous hymn “For All the Saints.” Saints, according to How, are those who profess their faith before the world; bless the name of Jesus; find shelter in God; look to the Lord in their faithful, bold, and “well-fought fight”; win the victor’s crown; and shine in glory.
     Those sound like some pretty tough standards to live up to, right?
     What if our saint standards weren’t based on the Platonic ideal of perfection but looked more to our scriptures for guidance? What does Jesus say about what makes one great? Who will be exalted in the kin-dom Jesus is creating? Who will be qualified to be called blessed and known as saints? Who will be rewarded with God’s mercy and called children of God?
     It’s not who we might think.
     Join us this week as we uncover some hidden and perhaps surprising saints whose work often goes unseen, unappreciated, and unrewarded. Just as Jesus warned his followers it would, this saintly work brings with it persecution and great personal risk. This All Saints Day we should all be paying attention, because despite our flaws and imperfections, God through grace is busy making us this kind of saint as well.
     Be ready. Next stop... sainthood....
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The Lamb

Have you ever heard of a man named Polycarp? Don't feel badly if you haven't. Polycarp's not exactly a household name, at least in most houses.
     Yes, it's an odd name, to our ears anyway. The name conjures up for most people today a product that's manufactured from something made of plastic that tastes like freshwater fish. In the history of the church, the name lived through one century after another, and the person who bore it gave good reason for people to keep on mentioning the name.
     Because of the story behind the name, Polycarp has significance for us as we worship. It's a name rich in meaning when we think about the Christians who died as martyrs. They died because they devoted themselves exclusively to Jesus Christ. John had them in mind when he wrote about the Lamb. He wrote about people in white robes gathering around Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, and worshiping him.
     For that reason, the name Polycarp signifies the value of All Saint's Day. It's the name of a martyr who died for his faith a long time ago. Polycarp happened to be a remarkable man who laid down his life as a testimony of his devotion to Christ. Hopefully the name will live a little longer in our memories because we spent some time retelling Polycarp's story. We hope that retelling his story will give us fresh inspiration to worship the Lord whose love for us compelled many believers down through the centuries to face death because of their love for him....
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Ron Love

White grave markers -- white robes

The Arlington House was a mansion built as a living memorial to George Washington by the first president's adopted grandson. The estate was built on a 1,100-acre tract of land across the Potomac River from Washington DC. Decades later a distant cousin, Robert E. Lee, became the resident of the home. Between 1841 and 1857, Lee was away from Arlington House for several extended periods while serving in the Mexican War and then as superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, his alma mater. In 1857 Lee returned to Arlington to join his family and to serve as executor of the estate. Robert E. Lee and his wife, Mary Anna, lived at Arlington House until 1861, when Virginia ratified an alliance with the Confederacy and seceded from the Union....
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John Fitzgerald

Wearing Masks

Revelation 7:9-17

A lady went to the local post office on trick-or-treat day and by chance saw a little girl from her neighborhood. The girl happened to be wearing a ghost costume for Halloween. The lady pretended to be frightened upon this encounter and let forth with, "Oh my, I see a ghost." Upon hearing this, the little girl took off her mask and exclaimed, "Don't be afraid there is just a little girl under this mask."...
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The Village Shepherd

Janice Scott

Priorities, energy and work

When my father was dying. he started to give away all his possessions. None of us, including him, knew at the time that he was dying. In fact although we knew he was ill, we didn't realise quite how ill he was. He was always a tidy and methodical person, but around that time he began to sort out all his business and to give things away with a wild abandon which I found quite refreshing to witness....
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CSSPlus (Children's Sermon Service...Plus

Cynthia Cowen

True Happiness

The Point: Happy and blessed are the children of God.

The Lesson: Welcome, girls and boys. I am happy that you came up to share this time together.
     I brought some pictures of people. You don't know them. But they all have something in common....
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