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Sermon for Epiphany 4 | OT 4
Sermons On The Gospel Readings: Series I, Cycle BRecognizing the Voice of Authority
Sermon by Richard A. Hasler based on Mark 1:21-28 excerpted from Facing the Future with Hope: Cycle B Gospel Text Sermons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany (SermonStudio)
This story may be apocryphal, but I heard of a professor who was not only popular on campus but also was in demand in Washington DC to help out with governmental matters. Occasionally, he was called away from his academic environment to spend time consulting in Washington DC. One time when he left for two weeks he told his class that they had important work to finish so while he was away they should come to class and he would have all his lectures taped for here for the full sermon

Free Children's Sermon for Epiphany 4 | OT 4

Cows In Church: 80 Biblically Based Children's SermonsDragon Fire
Children's story/sermon by Janice Scott based on Mark 1:21-28 from The Village Shepherd.
Dominic Dragon lived in a cave in the Welsh hills. He lived alone, and rarely ventured out of his cave, except when he was hungry or wanted some fun. Both of those events revolved around fire.
     When Dominic was hungry he would make for the valleys, and prowl until he found some likely prey for food. He was partial to roast lamb even without any mint sauce, and he quite enjoyed the odd baked cat. But his favourite meal was roast human....
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The Immediate Word
Dean Feldmeyer

Authority and Power

Deuteronomy 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28

An old adage warns leaders that “authority is like soap -- the more you use it, the less you have.” Effective leaders use their authority only as a last resort. They know that productive planning more often comes through building consensus and group ownership. People want to be led, but not pushed or forced.
     History and literature teach this lesson over and over. Julius Caesar, King Lear, Chairman Mao, Richard Nixon, Captain Kirk, Pontius Pilate, John XXIII, and Superman all come to us as figures who struggled to find a balance between authority and power -- some more successfully than others. And we struggle with it still.
     As our president and the congress jockey for position, thrusting and parrying in their ongoing legislative duels, they both want to claim the authority that gives power. The president points to the successes he has managed to achieve in spite of an obstructive congress, as well as to the recent rise in his approval rating to 50 percent. He claims that these accomplishments give him the necessary authority to move forward with his agenda. The Republicans in congress counter with their victories in the midterm elections, and claim that the voters have given them the authority to block the president’s agenda and move forward with their own.
     Each side is claiming authority and trying to exercise the power which they claim is concomitant with it. Who is right? Whose authority is genuine and how much power flows rightly from it?
     This week’s lectionary readings point us toward the only kind of authority that matters to the people of God -- and that is the authority that flows from God and God’s words....
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Will We Enjoy Heaven?

The conversation paused as the slave, Rhoes, poured wine for the host and his reclining guests. In the silence, a ripple of wind from the Saronic Gulf stirred above their evening meal. One man began to talk but stopped. Another man coughed. A third man ran his fingers through his hair. The presence of Rhoes, the slave, made them uneasy. The nine had been hotly arguing as a group. They now began to chat among themselves in twos and threes. Two guests nodded to the slave and one even said, "Thank you, Rhoes." Although few looked directly at him, the slave, Rhoes, was the center of attention. The wine cups filled, the slave exited the opulent outdoor eating area, the nine men watching him as he left.
      "Before we were interrupted," Lamprias, who was sitting farthest from the host spoke, "I was trying to explain that it's fine for our Christian gathering to include the likes of your slave here. In Christ there is no slave or free. But the slaves cause the most and the worst problems."
      "Exactly," another said. "Did you see Rhoes eyeing the meat? He looked like he was leaning away from a hot kiln. I could almost hear him: 'I know where that meat came from.' "
      "Brothers, brothers." A man lifted himself higher to speak. He had a narrow face and a thin, red beard. "We must explain again to Rhoes and his group that we believe in one God. That should be simple and sufficient. Stick with explaining about the one God and they're bound to catch the logic."...
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Wayne Brouwer


When the nation of Israel came out of Egypt and met God at Mount Sinai, there was a political transaction taking place. Israel had belonged to the pharaoh of Egypt. Now she belonged to God. God had fought the pharaoh for the right to own and care for Israel, and he had won. Just as prior to the Exodus the pharaoh had specified the contours of his relationship with Israel, so now God did the same. At the top of Mount Sinai, God and Moses hammered out the political, social, and religious covenant that would determine the character of Israel’s future existence....
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Sandra Herrmann

Thank You, God, With My Whole Heart!

Psalm 111

"Go ahead and ask her! There’ll never be a better time -- she's alone. Quick, before the rest of her gang gets here!"
      Declan leaned forward, as though to walk over to her -- or maybe to stretch himself out, with just his head getting close to Abby. Then he took a step forward and nearly tripped over his own feet. And, of course, here came Abby's best friends. All of them. They seemed to surround her, cutting off any hope he had to talk with her alone....
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The Village Shepherd

Janice Scott

The Foolishness of the Cross

I recently watched a televised tribute to Dame Judi Dench, who really is an outstanding actress. She'd been selected for a special BAFTA award, so it was a glittering occasion gathering in the great from around the world.
      Many famous names gave testimony to Dame Judi's terrific acting ability, but what came over from almost everyone who spoke, was that Judi Dench doesn't act, she actually becomes the person she's portraying....
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CSSPlus (Children's Sermon Service...Plus

Cynthia Cowen

Live Life with Power

The Point: Jesus brought authority and power to God's word.
The Lesson: Good morning boys and girls. Thank you for sharing this time with me.
      I brought a lamp with me this morning, and I have an extension cord that is plugged into an electrical outlet on the wall....
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Gospel Grams 1 (Ages 5-7)

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