June 25, 2017
Matthew 10:24-39
Romans 6:1b-11
Genesis 21:8-21
Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17

Maundy Thursday Testimonies

Maundy Thursday

from the book
Roll Back The Stone
Celebrating The Mystery Of Lent And Easter Through Drama

David H. Covington

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This series of dramatic readings is to be used as part of a Maundy Thursday service. Note that each speaker speaks twice, with the order of speaking reversed the second time.

Appropriate musical pieces (choral or instrumental) should be used to separate each character's testimony, or at least the two statements made by Peter, since each statement is presented from a different perspective.

Mary: I am Mary from Magdala in Galilee. People say I had fits, had demons. I would fall down and I remember that nothing helped. Eventually, I moved to this city, where I fell in a different way, into a bad way of life. I lost all hope.

Then --aI remember the first time I saw him. I was overcome. I don't know why, even now. I couldn't help myself. I started to cry. I hadn't cried in a long, long time. I made a spectacle of ...

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