February 26, 2016
Matthew 17:1-9
2 Peter 1:16-21
Exodus 24:12-18

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Sermons and Stories for Transfiguration Sunday
The transfiguring effect of silence | Sermon | Matthew 17:1-9
Some years ago I remember talking with a teacher who was responsible for religious education throughout the primary schools of North Norfolk. Part of her job entailed training other teachers, and she'd made a video of good religious education practices in schools.... click here for the full sermon

Testimonies | Sermon | 2 Peter 1:16-21
For many people, testimonies in which someone relates the story of how they came to Christianity, still seem to be one of the most powerful means of hearing the Christian message. There's something about the sincerity of the person who stands to speak, which usually shines through their words....click here for the full sermon

The glory of the Lord | Sermon | Exodus 24:12-18
Years ago, a farmer in the tiny Norfolk village of Thursford (population 103) developed a passion for fairground organs. He started to collect and renovate any he could find, along with quite a collection of steam engines, and he stored them all in his barn.... click here for the full sermon

Praxis in the Dark | Children's story | Matthew 17:1-9
Praxis the colourful pixie was feeling very blue. He was blue partly with cold, but partly with fear. It was night, and he should have been tucked up in bed asleep with all the other pixies. But as soon as it was quiet and everyone was breathing heavily, he had pulled on his little pixie boots... click here for the full story

Spiky Is Transformed | Children's liturgy and story | Matthew 17:1-9
Jesus met with God on the mountain and was so transfigured that his radiance was clearly seen by the three disciples who were watching. In this story, Spiky the caterpillar reluctantly heeds his mother's words and becomes something quite different. If we heed the words of Jesus, we too can become transfigured and become very different people.... click here for the full story

Transcendent God... | Intercession
Transcendent God, I want to hear your voice, but silence is scary. I'm afraid that I shan't know what to do with myself. Silence can feel creepy too, and I always want someone to break it somehow, to speak or play music or something.... click here for the full sermon

What is The Village Shepherd?

The Village Shepherd offers sermons, bible stories, children's stories and prayers based on the Revised Common Lectionary. These inspirational sermons, stories, and prayers are sure to touch your heart, because they reflect the simple virtues and tranquil serenity that characterize Reverend Scott's English countryside pastorate. The questions "Where is God in this particular situation?" and "Where does the Gospel story cross our own human story?" are always at the heart of these meditations -- but rather than finding overt answers, instead you will be gently led to make your own connections and discover the powerful ways in which God works. Janice Scott has the unique ability to find interesting details in ordinary life that illuminate scripture, while still challenging even the most intellectual reader. And that gift is precisely what also makes her an outstanding communicator with children.

For every Sunday in all three cycles of the Revised Common Lectionary, you'll find:
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  • Sermons based on the Epistle readings
  • Children's stories linked with the Gospel readings (most are original, through some are adaptations of old Christian legends or Bible stories)
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Reverend Janice Scott

Janice Scott is the Rural Dean of Redenhall Deanery, covering 32 parishes in South Norfolk, England. Her introduction to the Norfolk area came in 1999 when she received an e-mail from someone in a country parish, pleading for a priest. The writer turned out to be nine years old. As a result of that e-mail she became rector of six small country parishes in rural Norfolk, where she resides today.

Her career as a priest began in 1994 when she was ordained at Norwich Cathedral with the first group of women clergy in the UK.

In addition to her parish duties and writing The Village Shepherd, Rev. Janice Scott is a freelance writer for Redemptorist publications in the UK. She also broadcasts a "Pause for Thought" on a local radio station.