November 23, 2014
Matthew 25:31-46
Ephesians 1:15-23
Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24

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Sermons and Stories for Christ the King Sunday
Unwitting goodness | Sermon | Matthew 25:31-46
I used to know a man who claimed to be able to make himself invisible. I regarded his claim as complete nonsense, until I saw him in the bank several weeks later. Or rather, almost failed to see him!... click here for the full sermon

The wealth of Christ the King | Sermon | Ephesians 1:15-23
A week or two ago, a Norfolk teenager won nearly ten million pounds on the National Lottery. He turned up to collect his winnings wearing an electronic tag, for he had been in a Young Offenders' Institution for two months and the tag was part of his sentence for drunken and unruly behaviour.... click here for the full sermon

Sheep | Sermon | Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24
We English are renowned as a nation of animal lovers to such a degree that other nations often regard us as slightly touched when they see how we care for our animals, especially our domestic pets.... click here for the full sermon

Buzter’s Busy, Buzzy Day | Children's Story | Matthew 25:31-46
Buzter hummed to himself. He was happy in his work, and he always hummed when he was happy. And he was never happier than when he was a busy, buzzy bee.... click here for the full story

The New Boy | Children's Liturgy and Story | Matthew 25:31-46
In this story, Angela, Jack and Raymond unknowingly all act from prejudice. Only Susie acts from deep inner conviction.... click here for the full liturgy and story

Gentle and self-effacing God... | Intercession
Gentle and self-effacing God, I'm in danger of not noticing you, for you hide yourself away in the timid and the quiet, the poor and the weak. It's not that I deliberately ignore you, God. If I spotted you, I'd be there in an instant.... click here for the full prayer

What is The Village Shepherd?

The Village Shepherd offers sermons, bible stories, children's stories and prayers based on the Revised Common Lectionary. These inspirational sermons, stories, and prayers are sure to touch your heart, because they reflect the simple virtues and tranquil serenity that characterize Reverend Scott's English countryside pastorate. The questions "Where is God in this particular situation?" and "Where does the Gospel story cross our own human story?" are always at the heart of these meditations -- but rather than finding overt answers, instead you will be gently led to make your own connections and discover the powerful ways in which God works. Janice Scott has the unique ability to find interesting details in ordinary life that illuminate scripture, while still challenging even the most intellectual reader. And that gift is precisely what also makes her an outstanding communicator with children.

For every Sunday in all three cycles of the Revised Common Lectionary, you'll find:
  • Sermons based on the Gospel readings
  • Sermons based on the Epistle readings
  • Children's stories linked with the Gospel readings (most are original, through some are adaptations of old Christian legends or Bible stories)
  • A group of intercessory prayers for your worship service
For just $29.95 for a one-year subscription, you can access this entire treasure trove of valuable sermon material and sermon resources. And our convenient search engine enables you to quickly find exactly what you need -- all the rich content of The Village Shepherd can be searched by scripture or keyword, as well as by the lectionary calendar.

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Reverend Janice Scott

Janice Scott is the Rural Dean of Redenhall Deanery, covering 32 parishes in South Norfolk, England. Her introduction to the Norfolk area came in 1999 when she received an e-mail from someone in a country parish, pleading for a priest. The writer turned out to be nine years old. As a result of that e-mail she became rector of six small country parishes in rural Norfolk, where she resides today.

Her career as a priest began in 1994 when she was ordained at Norwich Cathedral with the first group of women clergy in the UK.

In addition to her parish duties and writing The Village Shepherd, Rev. Janice Scott is a freelance writer for Redemptorist publications in the UK. She also broadcasts a "Pause for Thought" on a local radio station.