September 21, 2014
Matthew 20:1-16
Philippians 1:21-30
Exodus 16:2-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45

The Nature of Grace
Proper 20 | OT 25 | Pentecost 15

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Peter Andrew Smith
"The Nature of Grace" by Peter Andrew Smith
"All Shall Be Well" by Frank Ramirez

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The Nature of Grace
Peter Andrew Smith
Exodus 16:2-15

"That's not fair!" Roxanne protested. She pointed at the ice cream cone that her sister was holding. "You didn't do enough work to get an ice cream."

"Did so," June said.

"Did not." Roxanne pointed toward the garden. "I picked weeds with Grandpa in the hot sun. You didn't."

"I helped Grandma with the laundry." June raised her voice. "I worked hard too."

Roxanne shook her head. "You only did easy work because you're a little kid. I did hard work like an adult."

"I deserve an ice cream just like you."

"Do not!"

"Do so!"

"What's the problem?" Grandpa came out of the house carrying an ice cream. "Did someone drop their cone on the ground?"

Both girls shook their heads. Grandpa sat down on the bench in the shade under the tree. He motioned for the girls to sit beside him.

"So why are you both upset?" he asked. "I thought you liked ice cream."

"I love ice cream." June licked her cone. "It's my favourite."... >>Click here for the full installment.

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