May 29, 2016
Luke 7:1-10
Galatians 1:1-12
1 Kings 18:20-21 (22-29)...
Psalm 96

Too Good To Be True
Proper 4 | OT 9 | Pentecost 2

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Frank Ramirez
"Too Good To Be True" by Keith Hewitt

Too Good To Be True
by Keith Hewitt
For I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that the gospel that was proclaimed by me is not of human origin... --Galatians 1:11

Wouldn’t it be nice to discover something important that no one else had and everyone wanted? Like an unknown photo of Abraham Lincoln, or a discarded scene from a famous movie like The Wizard of Oz, or, who knows, maybe a lost play by William Shakespeare?

It’s not easy to find something that everyone’s looking for and probably doesn’t exist. Take Shakespeare. There is probably more known about the life of William Shakespeare than is known about any other ordinary person from the Elizabethan era. That’s because people are constantly searching for new information about him. And there have been recent discoveries. In the past century three pages of a play he was hired to help rewrite to please the censor have been discovered, in his own handwriting. (By the way, it didn’t help. The play didn’t pass muster. It was never performed).

Word studies have shown that some additions in 1602 to one of the most popular plays ever written by someone other than William Shakespeare, The Spanish Tragedy, were probably written by -- you guessed it -- William Shakespeare.

And there are a couple other plays, like The Two Noble Kinsmen, and Edward III, which have long been known, that are now accepted as partly his.

But this was all stuff  that existed, that people knew about, even if they didn’t now Shakespeare had a hand in them. However, starting around the year 1794 a young man named William Henry Ireland (1775-1835) startled the world with an astounding series of discoveries of Shakespearean manuscripts no one had ever heard of.... >>Click here for the full installment.

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