April 5, 2015
John 20:1-18
1 Corinthians 15:19-26
Acts 10:34-43
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

They all forsook him...
Passion Sunday

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C. David McKirachan
"They all forsook him..." by C. David McKirachan
"In Three Days..." by Frank Ramirez

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They all forsook him...
by C. David McKirachan
Mark 14:1-15:47

This whole season is about the faithfulness of our Lord.  And it’s about our lack of it.  The woman who anointed him was judged by our hard heartedness.  We’re cheap.  She was grateful.  He lived by the spirit of God’s law.  The Pharisees used the letter of the law to forsake God’s invitation to be a light to the nations.  We squabble about inclusiveness using the label ‘Christian’ to mean our unwillingness to go in any direction that makes us uncomfortable, ignoring our Lord’s radical nature.  He wept over Jerusalem, while we salute the flag of our nationalism.  He offered his body and blood as a rock, a reminder of the cost of God’s grace and redemption.  We run around in circles, not having the time to pray, study, and preach his good news.  Our gospel worries about the budget.  How dare we shake our heads that the disciples forsook him.

We are not faithful.  We are not grateful.  We are not loving.  We have forsaken him.

It is hard to preach at the end of Lent.  It is hard to proclaim anything that calls our people to look at him.  They don’t want to.  And we know it.  We are so full of worry and inadequacy.  We see his wounds, wounds of the spirit and wounds of the body. They intimidate us.   They articulate better than any words how far God will go for us.  What is our response?... >>Click here for the full installment.

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