May 1, 2016
John 14:23-29
Rev. 21:10, 22--22:5
Acts 16:9-15
Psalm 67

A Sense of History
Easter 6

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Keith Hewitt
"A Sense of History" by Keith Hewitt
"Can You Handle A Change in Plans?" by Frank Ramirez

A Sense of History
by Keith Hewitt
Psalm 67

Mark Randall leaned back in his chair and clasped his hands over his stomach, slowly tapped the tips of his thumbs together as he watched Adam Halvorsen pounding out erasers just outside the classroom window.  He did it with grim determination, coughing each time the erasers collided and puffed out another cloud of pale yellow chalk dust.  Every once in awhile he would pause, and look wistfully toward the athletic field, where baseball practice was well underway.

When he came back inside, Randall said nothing, at first?just watched as Adam placed the erasers back, more-or-less where they had been on the tray beneath the green chalkboards that lined the side wall of the classroom.  When he was nearly finished, Randall said quietly, “Do you know why I teach history, Adam?”

Young Halvorsen looked surprised, as though he’d never considered such a question?one might as well ask why the sky is blue, or the lake wet.  The expression faded after a moment, though, replaced by something a little less expressive as he shrugged.  “Because you like torturing kids, and this is the only way you can do it legally?”

Randall didn’t take the bait, just smiled.  “No, that’s just a side benefit.  I teach history because I want you to know how good you have it.”

Adam almost sneered.  “Yeah, we’ve got it great.  World War Three hanging over our heads, inflation, all that crap happening over in the Middle East?“  Hesitated, shrugged again and said, “Sorry.  Stuff.”

“No, crap is a pretty good word for it.  I’ll give you that one.  But sit down a minute.”

“You said I could go to practice after I finished cleaning the boards.”

“I said you could go to practice when you were done.  You’re not done.  Sit down.”  He nodded toward one of the desks.  Adam rolled his eyes, and sat, folding his arms over his chest and slouching until his knees hit the front legs of the desk.  Randall sighed, and picked up a pen in his left hand, slowly clicked it several times, pushing out the point, then retracting it.  When he sensed that Adam was about to say something, he said, “So, you’ve got it pretty bad, right?”

The young man shrugged.  “You know how it is.”... >>Click here for the full installment.

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