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Baby Blues
Proper 28 | Ordinary Time 33

from the book
Sermons On The First Readings
Series II, Cycle B

Mary S. Lautensleger

1 Samuel 1:4-20


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Baby Blues

Hannah thought she would scream if one more person invited her to a baby shower! Once she had looked forward to gathering at the well every morning, seeing her friends, and hearing all the latest news. Now she dreaded those encounters, wondering who would be the first to ask her, "So, Hannah. How's it going? Are you 'with child' yet?" She decided that from now on she would draw water later in the day, even if it meant enduring the blistering noonday heat and burning sand. Anything to avoid those smug looks and questioning gazes.

At last summer's tribal reunion, Hannah lost count of the number of relatives who kept asking when she and Elkanah planned to start a family. One after another they had inquired, "Well, Hannah, you and Elkanah have been together for years now. Don't you think it's about time? Your mother is counting on some grandbabies, you know. We could use a few more cousins, too. ...

This Proper 28 | Ordinary Time 33 sermon, Baby Blues, is based on 1 Samuel 1:4-20 and relates to Proper 28 | Ordinary Time 33 of Cycle B of the lectionary. This sermon is excerpted from the book Sermons On The First Readings . SermonSuite offers online sermons and professionally published sermons, lectionary sermons, non-lectionary sermons, children's sermons, sermon illustrations, worship resources, preaching resources, sermons on prayer, prayers, Christian drama, lectionary worship, lectionary workbooks and homilies. ...

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