June 25, 2017
Matthew 10:24-39
Romans 6:1b-11
Genesis 21:8-21
Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17

The Christmas Message Of Hope

The Nativity of our Lord

from the book
Sermons on the First Readings
Series III, Cycle B

Richard E. Gribble, CSC

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The wife of a poor merchant died, leaving him with five children, ranging from age six to fifteen. The older children assumed many of the household chores -- cooking, cleaning, and helping the younger children. When the merchant came home at night, he always brought a bag of groceries, food for the next day. After he set the bag on the table, he hugged each child. Before they ate, the father read from the scriptures and the family prayed. Many nights, before bed, the children begged their father to sing with them. He frequently played his guitar and sang quiet folk tunes.

The first Christmas after his wife died, the merchant said to his children, "This year there is insufficient money to buy presents in the store. Instead, we will all draw names, and you will make a present for one of your brothers or sisters. My gift to you will be a fine Christmas meal and a special song that...

This The Nativity of our Lord sermon, The Christmas Message Of Hope, is based on Isaiah 9:2-7 and relates to The Nativity of our Lord of Cycle B of the lectionary. This sermon is excerpted from the book Sermons on the First Readings . SermonSuite offers online sermons and professionally published sermons, lectionary sermons, non-lectionary sermons, children's sermons, sermon illustrations, worship resources, preaching resources, sermons on prayer, prayers, Christian drama, lectionary worship, lectionary workbooks and homilies. ...

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