July 30, 2017
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52
Romans 8:26-39
Genesis 29:15-28

The road ahead

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Wayne Brouwer
Schuyler Rhodes

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When the Danish novelist, George Brandes, was a young man, he looked up to Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen was much older that Brandes, but he took notice of the young writer. Once, Brandes asked the famous dramatist for help and encouragement.

Ibsen wrote a long letter in response, sharing this advice: If you want to serve your world, you have to look inside first. You have to find out what you're made of. You have to mine the depths of your own heart.

Then you have to be true to yourself, letting your faith shine for others. Said Ibsen, "There is no way in which you can benefit society more than by coining the metal you have in yourself."

He was right. No Christian can bring anything of true value to his world by putting on airs, by denying the grace of God within, or by keeping the power of the Spirit locked up. Pious hypocrisy is of no benefit to the world.

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