July 30, 2017
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52
Romans 8:26-39
Genesis 29:15-28

In the nick of time

Second Sunday of Easter

Janice B. Scott

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There's nothing quite like a good adventure story to aid relaxation, whether in a book or a film or on television. The car chases and the rescues in the nick of time set pulses racing and drive all other thoughts from weary minds, to leave the audience feeling refreshed and energised. But adventure stories which are second rate have the reverse effect. If the timing isn't quite right or the dialogue is stilted or the plot is too obvious, they can be stultifyingly boring.

In those books or films where the hero finds himself in a tight corner from which there appears to be no escape, it can be very interesting trying to work out just what he will do. And in the top rate novels, the hero's actions are always ingenious and usually a surprise.

Perhaps this is why some of the Old Testament stories are so good and have made exciting films through the ages. The people often...

This sermon, In the nick of time, is based on Exodus 14:10-31; 15:20-21 and relates to Second Sunday of Easter of Cycle C of the lectionary. This sermon on Exodus 14:10-31; 15:20-21 is just one of over 800 resources created by Janice Scott for The Village Shepherd (a component of SermonSuite). SermonSuite also offers online sermons, professionally published sermons, lectionary sermons, non-lectionary sermons, sermon illustrations, worship resources, preaching resources, sermons on prayer, prayers, Christian drama, lectionary worship, lectionary workbooks and homilies. ...

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