July 2, 2017
Matthew 10:40-42
Romans 6:12-23

The prize of Christ

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Object: a picture of an athlete running for the finish line

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Did any of you watch the Olympics last fall? Athletes
competed in different games to see who would win the prize for
being the best. I especially liked the runners. They ran really
fast, and some of them ran a really long time even when they were
very tired. (Show them the picture.)

In this lesson, the Apostle Paul says that he is pressing on
toward a goal and trying to win a prize. That kind of sounds like
our Olympic runners, doesn't it? The prize here, though, isn't a
medal or a trophy. Paul says that the prize is knowing Christ and
being known completely by Christ. That's a little different from
what we saw in the games last fall. It sounds funny to hear
someone say that knowing Christ is a prize, but that's just
exactly what it is.

Paul loved Jesus more than anything else in his whole life.
Nothing meant more to him than...

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